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Narconon center reviews of the various drug rehabilitation and education centers.

EmilianoAs Emiliano graduates from Narconon Piedmont in Italy, he tells this story: “It’s been more than five months from the day in March when I decided to come to Narconon Piedmont to learn how to live without drugs. They were hard months, but also beautiful where I experienced some beautiful emotions, learned to communicate honestly with others and learned to ask for help. Now I am going to leave the ‘little house’ with so much nostalgia. I take away a suitcase full of memories and life stories, I feel changed, improved, full of certainties! In recent months I have restored the relationship with my parents, which in recent times had vanished. I have a lust for life that I had not felt in years. I feel that the best is coming. This is because of the beautiful people who have decided to dedicate their lives to save people. They do it with passion and success! I thank all the staff of Narconon Piedmont.”

In the image, you will see the “little house” he refers to – the Narconon center where he recovered his ability to live without drugs.

narconon redwood cliffs Laura S“A year ago I was in a jail cell, strung out on heroin, meth and alcohol. I had lost everything; jobs, homes, family, but most of all I had lost myself and my will to live. In fact, the only reason I was still alive was because I was arrested and put in jail. I was facing a 2 year prison sentence.

“I was bailed out by my father who put me in a cab and told me that I was going to a rehab. I arrived at the airport where I met my interventionist who guided me all the way to Narconon Redwood Cliffs. I will never forget that day. He gave me hope when I had none.

“As I look back on this past year, I am truly amazed at all that I have accomplished. I used to use drugs to numb pain, to numb my feelings, to numb life. Narconon has taught me to deal with situations head on and gave me the courage to face them. I now set goals and I complete them. I have a home and an amazing family that loves me as I love them. I went to court to deal with all the wreckage from my past and I got through it. Facing it wasn’t nearly as bad as I imagined it to be when I was strung out.

“I lost my father to cancer about a month after graduating from the Narconon program. I received overwhelming support from the Redwood Cliffs staff and I still do to this day. They still help me through the darkest of times and I consider them my friends and my family. I cannot thank them enough.

“I am happy, joyous, and drug free and this past year I thoroughly enjoyed discovering me again. Thank you so much Narconon for giving me hope when I had none and helping me get my life back. Sincerely, a new drug-free me.”

sober manJeff was fourteen years old when he began to partake in actions that he thought were normal and socially acceptable, even expected of kids his age: drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.  At the time Jeff was unaware of the effect that drinking and marijuana would have on his health and his future. Continue reading

brothersThe following is a story from a sister whose brother’s life was saved from addiction after treatment through the Narconon program.

My brother had many accidents on the job, was stabbed once and ended up with many surgeries. He got addicted to painkillers. He was literally taking up to 30 a day. He, of course advanced to heroin. His girlfriend at the time (Joanne who is now his wife) followed his lead. They also had a 2-year-old son. Continue reading

fresh startThe words “drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment facility” may conjure up a very vague and general image in most individuals’ minds: a place someone can go to stop taking drugs, get away from their normal life and any stresses or problems it presents and get group or individual counseling as needed in order to be better prepared for a sober future. Continue reading

happy guy

The individual who desires to be rid of their drug addiction does not desire temporary relief or sobriety, but rather a permanent solution to the problem that has controlled their life for far too long.  Fighting for and maintaining one’s sobriety from drugs after years of addiction is no small feat, and most definitely something to be celebrated.  Finding an effective rehabilitation solution that allows one to not only restore a normal, sober state, but also an ability to reach for their goals, can be nothing short of miraculous. Continue reading

Fresh StartThe innate desire to help others is one of finest of qualities of human nature, closely linked to our ability to survive and enjoy the sharing of our lives with others.  When a person has fallen into the trap of drug addiction, it can take a nearly heroic effort on the part of all those who want to help the addict break-free, and once again return to living a life without drugs and the consequences of the addiction lifestyle.  But when those heroic efforts to help come to fruition, the quiet joy of truly helping another person reclaim their life from addiction is beyond compare. Continue reading