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Narconon center reviews of the various drug rehabilitation and education centers.

Happy CoupleFew people truly understand the power of drug addiction and how it can dictate an individual’s every thought and action in life.  Initially an individual may choose to use drugs in order to suppress a problem in their life.  The euphoric high and feeling of disconnection created by the drug can make the individual feel temporarily happy and relieved.  When they come down off the high and find their problem still intact, they choose to take more drugs to once again disconnect and feel that same sensation of happiness and relief.  As the chemicals in the drugs begin to alter the basic functions and systems of the body, dependence and addiction settle in, the individual no longer seeming to choose the drug so much as require the drug. Continue reading


GraduationNarconon Louisiana is located in the town of Denham Springs, only a short drive from the state capital of Baton Rouge. Situated in a peaceful Southern setting, it offers a place for people to find relief from the pressures of the workaday world while they take effective steps to recover from the ravages of drug addiction. One of those who recently got sober at Narconon Louisiana is a young woman named Diana. She shares her story of recovery in a testimonial posted online by Narconon Louisiana, telling us how she got involved with drugs and how the team at the drug rehab center helped her to get sober. Diana tells us that she began using drugs when she was only 12 years old. Things progressed quickly, and by the time she reached high school she had already become a painkiller addict. Like so many other thousands and thousands of Americans, Diana was hooked on opiate pain pills which are very closely similar to heroin in their action on the body. And also like so many other painkiller addicts, it wasn’t long before Diana graduated to using heroin, a drug which is generally cheaper and easier to find on the streets than prescription painkillers. Continue reading

Woman giving Thumbs UpIt can be very hard for a sober individual to understand the full power of drug addiction and just how much it can take over and dictate someone’s life.  Sober individuals may watch a drug addict throw everything away for drugs – including their career, relationships, family, possessions, health and more – and wonder why they don’t just stop using drugs.  The sad truth is that the addict may be wondering the same thing – why don’t they just stop?  Or more correctly, why can’t they just stop?  Many addicts will try rehabilitation treatment and other things to stop their substance abuse problems, but as time moves on and addiction retains its death hold they can begin to feel that there is no way out, except through prison or death.  Continue reading

Indifferent ManBefore I came to Narconon I was completely dead as a person, without the actual grave. I had lost my family, any home, and most importantly myself. My life was determined for me to live and die as a hollow addict. Coming to Narconon first of all helped me get my physical health back and my mental clarity followed suit.

Unlike any other rehab, this program actually taught me how to live a successful life, not live in the past, and handle tough situations and so much more. Outside course room I learned even more just from being around such amazing people.

I don’t feel defined by my father’s suicide anymore, I have learned to love myself and others and that there are people who genuinely care which I never thought imaginable before. When I get back home I can have healthy relationships with my family, get a job, finish school and fulfill all of my hopes for my life.

I will be able to face the difficult situations and I will undoubtedly come into life and work to move past them rather than run. For once in my life I have a future to look forward to and a present I can enjoy. I am no longer a broken product of a miserable past or a failing statistic but an optimistic, healthy and determined individual. My life is God’s gracious gift to me, and I get to open it every day.

A.W. – Narconon Redwood Cliffs Graduate

reading a reviewThe following is a review from a former client that underwent the withdrawal process at Narconon Melbourne. The Narconon withdrawal program is a drug free solution to substance abuse where clients are able to go for walks, start on a regular eating and sleeping schedule and use a series of vitamins and minerals to ease the acute symptoms of coming off of drugs. Many clients are concerned when they begin withdrawal, as the idea of stopping the use of drugs (without more drugs) can be potentially uncomfortable for them. However, under doctor approval to do the program, for those who do not medically need a standard drug withdrawal program, the process can be easier and have less side effects. Continue reading

Woman StandingTo list the wind and gains I have experienced since coming to NN would take days of writing so I guess the simplest way I can do that is to tell you what I had and who I was upon arriving and my achievements since I arrived back to NN on a review in 8/05. I was strung out, sick, depressed, scared, unsure, lonely, and on top of all that I had no hope that a heroin addict, who had tried every means of getting clean could possibly stay clean. The one thing I did have however is a one-year-old son. He didn’t have a father because of heroin and I had a small bit of faith that I could stay clean for him. Continue reading