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womanWhen an individual first turns to drug use, they are normally trying to resolve some problem in their life that they feel either unwilling or unable to handle on their own.  Drug use causes the individual to experience relief by suppressing undesirable sensations and stimulating desirable sensations, which can cause the individual to believe that drugs are helpful to them in some way.  In actual fact, drugs are like wolves in sheep’s clothing – dangerous enemies masquerading as helpful friends. Continue reading

courtThere is no doubt that drug abuse and addiction are complex problems that cannot simply be resolved through choice and willpower.  The overwhelming urge to continue using drugs despite the many damaging effects they have caused in one’s life is why a drug addict will seem completely bent on self-destruction, when honestly they want nothing more than to be free from these dangerous substances.  With the right help, support and treatment program, such an individual can successfully take back control of their life and establish the foundation necessary for a happier, healthier future. Continue reading

manThere are various types of drug rehabilitation programs available across the nation and the world. However, there are few to none that help a person recover and embark upon a new life once they are free of the addictive substances. Narconon Colorado – A Life Worth Saving is one such program. It is truly an exception to the rule of common treatment methods today. Continue reading

people Trouble comes in twos—at least that’s what many of us have heard over the years. But most of us could never imagine this double trouble taking the form of 2 of our children finding themselves in the grips of drug addiction, after 2 very separate and major accidents years apart. That’s exactly what happened to Pat and Cindy of Las Vegas, Nevada. Continue reading

coloradoBecause alcohol is a legal substance, many don’t consider it to be as dangerous as some of the government controlled substances like marijuana, or heroin. Yet the fact is alcohol has just as much potential—if not more—to bring about a cycle of abuse or addiction as these other drugs do. Because it is highly accessible, it is statistically the most-abused substance in the United States. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, in the year 2012, a full 30 percent of all people 18 years or older in the U.S. were reported to have engaged in binge or heavy drinking. Unfortunately, the story of Jennifer, who resides in Fresno, California, is all too common. Continue reading

hopeWhat has Narconon Louisiana done that no less than 13 other rehabs have not been able to do? Narconon Louisiana has successfully rehabilitated of a person who had become the exact opposite of who he was because of drug addiction. Each time they had gone to another rehab center, they would relapse on the other side of it. A person who was so close with every member of their family had become, thanks to drugs, distant, withdrawn and secluded. Continue reading

mother and son“My husband and I would like to express our gratitude toward your organization and the group of selfless individuals who run it day in and day out. Narconon Fresh Start truly gave us our son back!”

Like many who seek help for loved ones trapped by drug abuse, Frank‘s parents knew their son was a good person but things changed. As his mother, Catherine, observed: “Slowly but surely he started to attract the wrong crowd of people and he became less and less the person we always knew he was. Continue reading

womanClients on the Narconon drug rehab program are called students, as they study a number of potentially life-changing life skills courses while on the program.  They are students of life, really; learning to face what life deals out; learning to communicate better with others; learning to know themselves as they really are; learning to study; learning to Continue reading

manThe Narconon Redwood Cliffs Rehab Center, formerly known as Narconon Vista Bay, is set in a beautiful forested area overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Located on the west side of the Santa Cruz Mountains south of San Francisco Bay, the center has Continue reading