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Narconon program reviews from those who graduated the Narconon treatment program or who have undergone rehab at the facility.

The story of Antonia and Valentina started when they were just 14 and 15 years old. When they met, they had never used any drugs. That soon changed when they fell in with other young people who were using drugs. Soon, they began smoking marijuana without ever realizing where it would lead them.

Antonio-e-Valentina-successo-PiemonteAfter marijuana, came hashish and soon after that, cocaine, a drug that unfortunately, they grew to love. The years passed and their drug use continued. “Our parents did not suspect anything, so when we decided to get married, they supported us,” Antonio said. “Then, we were husband and wife, but the madness and desire to use drugs continued. We were married and even had children, hoping that the necessity of caring for children would save us from their desire to use drugs.”

It was not enough. “We found ourselves even more toxic, with responsibility for special children who needed a special mother and a special father.”

Of course, over time, things were only going to get worse. Antonio continued, “Our love was going up in smoke. The only thing we had in common was the desire to get away from everything by using drugs. We thought our children never suspected anything despite our ups and downs, quarrels and disagreements. Actually, our children suffered and pretended not to see the problems.”

Finally, enough was enough. They came to Narconon Piedmont. And at the completion of their program, Antonio said, “At this Narconon center, we were reborn. Now, we are able to live without using drugs or alcohol. Every time we look out at life, we see something indescribable. And we know that we will soon be two parents worthy of our very special children.”

pat b redwood cliffsBefore coming to Narconon my life was a disaster, I was a human wrecking ball, slipping deeper and deeper into my addiction every day. I was in a dangerous state of depression and I found it almost impossible to find any joy or happiness in my life. My biggest goal each day was to ensure I had enough pills to get high, and acquiring those pills by any means necessary. I had hurt, lied to, disappointed, robbed, and cheated my friends and even worse my family. I have the most loving family on the planet and I would constantly break their trust causing my parents unnecessary grief.

My family was unsure if I was going pull out of my situation alive and knowing now that’s how they felt absolutely breaks my heart. My addiction took every bit of confidence I had, resulting in dead end jobs and terrible relationships. I had tried everything to get clean and nothing was working, I started to believe I was unfixable and I was never going to make 30. The sad fact was I had succumbed to my depression and I was okay with it.

One day that all changed, I made the decision that I wanted to live and after doing some research with my mother, we found Narconon. That ended up being the single greatest decision I had ever made. I absolutely loved the program and every day I learned something new about myself, also watching my confidence grow to heights I had never personally experienced. I sit here today almost 3 years clean and sober and my life has never been better. I honestly believed I would be on psych meds my entire life, and thanks to Narconon depression is a thing of the past.

Currently I am working at BMW part time and I am a full time student. I have a 4.0 GPA and a lot of that can be accredited to the study tech I learned at Narconon. The skills I acquired are invaluable to my success and I find myself using them every day. My relationship with my friends and family is the best it has ever been, and for the first time in many years not only are they proud of me, but I am proud of myself. I am living with an amazing girl and I am in the healthiest relationship I have ever been in. I have no doubt that I am going to be successful in my life, I find myself setting new goals every day and searching for ways to accomplish what I set out to do. My father always told me it is all about being happy and healthy and thanks to Narconon I am both. I am alive and well today thanks to the staff and treatment model of Narconon, and I would not be where I am today if I had not made that life changing decision to enroll in their program!

Patrick B.
Narconon graduate

Narconon graduate from RussiaThe following is an interview with Leonid, who completed the Narconon drug rehab program in Russia 15 years ago and is still drug and alcohol free today.  

“I went through drug rehabilitation many times, but only to fall back on drugs again and get into rehab again. The Narconon program saved my life.

“When I was using drugs I often got into hospitals and while doing my detoxification or withdrawal I would always say that I was done with drugs and this was the last time I used them. And I returned to drugs every time. After a while I started to understand that the hospital treatment only gave me some strength back and removed the withdrawal symptoms, but I would have to do something else on top of that to really quit drugs for good.

“I started taking journeys out of town for a little change of environment and to cut off my access to drugs, but I got incredibly strong drug cravings, which I tried to get rid of by means of alcohol, sedatives and sleeping pills. But nothing really helped. I was so dependent on drugs that I would just get back, find drugs and return to taking regular doses. A year later my condition worsened so much that I thought to myself, “Would I ever be able to get out of addiction, because I’m practically an inch away from death, I feel absolutely horrible physically and mentally”.

“But I never gave up and tried to find a way out, and one day I came across some information about a drug rehabilitation program called Narconon. The fact that this program is widely used not only in Russia, but in other countries too, really sparked my interest. I knew from films about celebrities that the drug problem didn’t just exist in Russia. It’s just as bad in the West and there it gets solved – good rehabilitation centers exist as well as effective means of helping addicts. I thought, “Could it be that such a program has actually existed in Russia?” and decided to try and do it.

“When I arrived at the center I faced an extraordinary fact – the rehabilitation program turned out to be totally drug-free and non-medical. This caused a bit of doubt from my side, since I was used to addiction being treated in hospitals where they give you plenty of medicine, hook you up to an intravenous drip and so on. But I also caught myself thinking that I’ve been withdrawn at hospitals many times, where they had all the medicine, the drips, the sedatives, and despite all that I still went back to drugs every time. Perhaps an unconventional method is worth a try then? That’s how I made the decision to undergo the Narconon rehabilitation program.

“This was the turning point, the moment I will never forget because from that moment on my resurrection began. I met wonderful people who helped me return to life, I got a lot of useful information on the reason people turn to drugs and I’ve managed to renew myself not only physically, but morally as well.

“Just think, I’ve managed to get rid of drugs without any drug-based therapy, without psychologists or psychotherapists, without hypnosis or suggestion. I studied practically by myself and by completing the courses of the Narconon program in sequence I got my condition to change. I started getting back to life and regaining my lost abilities. I was once again able to enjoy life without craving drugs or alcohol and I’ve stayed drug free for many years now. I wish that every person, who is trying to find a way out of his or her drug problem, discovers Narconon. This program helped me when doctors lost all hope of saving me and I sincerely hope that it helps you as well. I’ve been free from drugs and alcohol for 15 years now!”

Narconon Graduate from Russia

Jill B18 months sober! Wow, this is a huge accomplishment for me! It truly is difficult for me to put into words how fantastic I feel. When I first became a student at Narconon, I was depressed, weary and broken. I am now confident, strong, full of energy and vitality. My relationships with my husband, my children and my parents have become rock solid. It feels so wonderful to have the trust back that I thought I had lost forever.

During the last year, I have received two promotions at my job, and I have gained respect from not only my employer, but also from my co-workers. To be absolutely honest, I can say that I am someone that is fun to be around, caring, considerate and thoughtful. I could have never said that about myself 18 months ago.

I am still in close contact with other students I met through Narconon. We share each other’s joys, accomplishments and even hardships. Our shared experience built a bond that cannot be broken. My course partner and I still talk regularly and support each other completely. The friends I made there are ones I will have for a lifetime.

I have never known a time in my life where I have enjoyed waking up each and every day. Each day holds an adventure for me, whether it is learning something new, meeting new people or taking on a new challenge. Using the technology I learned at Narconon helps me on a daily basis. I have all the tools I need to succeed today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life. I cannot thank the staff at Narconon enough for what they have given me.

Jill B.
Narconon Redwood Cliffs

gabbiano grad
It’s been 4 years since I arrived at Narconon Gabbiano and I can say that my life has radically changed.

What the Narconon program gave me goes far beyond the freedom from drug addiction, because I was able to get an all new life.

It is not easy to summarize the victories I achieved in the program, but for sure can say I was able to take back everything that I had lost because of the drugs. In fact I have reached many more goals than what I could have imagined.

I saw again the smile on the faces of my loved ones who, after years of lies and suffering, again have a son they can count on.

Now I am glad of the choice made on March 15th four years ago because at that very moment I chose not to give in to the drugs, but to put back into my hands the reins of my life.’

Narconon Gabbiano, Italy

narconon grad 2001 Connie F“I find it extremely difficult to sit down and think back to when I was a drug addict, it is as if I never had been, as if it is about another person, like a thought of a fading dream.

“14 years have passed since I did the Narconon program, 14 years since I quit drugs and never looked back. I might find it hard to remember who that person was on drugs but it is not hard to remember the program that saved my life.

“I had tried 3 rehabilitation programs prior to this one without success. I got lucky when a friend talked to me about this one, it sounded unique and different and I was willing to try it after a 12 year addiction to heroin and any other drugs I could find.

“The program was great, and felt specific to me, handling personal issues from an individual point of view and not “one size fits all.” The step that changed everything was the sauna program, which helped me sweat out all the toxins in my body, giving me a fresh start and a body reset.

“I’m also eternally grateful to the staff members who helped me tackle the mental aspect of my addiction while at the same time giving me tools to live and to handle life.

“And here I am, 14 years later, happily married, with a son, and at the age of 39 starting a new career. All this is because not only did the program make me drug-free but taught me how I can do anything I set my mind to as long as I make a decision and commit. No matter what has happened in the past, I can be whoever I want to be and create a great life… and so can you!”

Connie F.

“I have come to a crucial point of the Narconon program. I’m on the last course that in my opinion is the most important of all. I am solving situations that I neglected my past, unresolved situations that could prevent me to lead a life free from drugs.

Narconon Il Falco graduate from Italy

“Just today I have seen a radical change! I wrote a letter to my mother, for the first time I was totally honest and clear. After so long I felt emotions I had not felt for years, as I was writing I felt many sensations distinct from each other. But the best thing was that they were all wonderful feelings, tears of joy, butterflies in the stomach, a lump in my throat that are strangely reappearing while writing this. This means only one thing, this program works … it really works! Restores life, it makes you appreciate a gesture, a word, a pat on the back! All things that the drug takes away.

“During the program I have overcome many difficulties. This is my success but I dedicate it to all those people who are trapped in the drug world! These are only a few lines, but I hope they are enough to get someone to decide which road to take.”

Narconon Il Falco student

narconon graduate sergey

The following review is from a Narconon student upon graduation of the program in Narconon Standard, Moscow, Russia:

“I’d like to share some realizations, conditions and wins that are happening in my life presently. The Narconon program has enabled me to build a quality foundation of knowledge, skills and abilities, which currently gives me an excellent ability to deal with people despite what they’re like or what their goals are. Continue reading

narconon studentsTraining Routines are an important part of the Narconon Program. They are exercises to help recovering addicts get comfortable with themselves and with others as a first gradient. Then they move into getting better control of themselves and their ability to stay with a decision, which helps them stay free of drug alcohol.    Below are some wins and gains from students doing Training Routines. The Training Routines are also referred to as Book 1.      Continue reading

guyNarconon has been helping people get off drugs and alcohol for nearly 50 years, and they have expanded the program to reach people in areas around the world. Tens of thousands of people across the globe can tell stories about how the Narconon program gave them a fresh start in life, and these people come from all walks of life. One of them is Alan, a man who lives in the United Kingdom and whose Continue reading