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Narconon program reviews from those who graduated the Narconon treatment program or who have undergone rehab at the facility.

reaching outThe following are testimonials from Narconon patients on Reach & Withdrawal and Confront exercises. As part of the Narconon Program, addicts are able to complete some exercises that help them face places, people and things that can be triggers for relapse. These exercises are called “Confront” and “Reach and Withdraw”.  Continue reading

personBelow is a testimonial from Narconon patients on writing past transgressions on the Personal Values & Integrity Course offered through the program:

I Learned Why

While doing Book 6 I learned why I kept doing the same stupid things over and over again. I also learned why certain people behave the way they do. The most important thing that I gained from Book 6 was taking responsibility for the Continue reading

guyMany people may believe that individuals who begin to use drugs at a young age must have had a rough childhood, maybe even an abusive one.  Such an assumption would then have to be followed with the parallel that individuals who have a loving, supportive childhood would never use drugs.  Unfortunately, while an individual’s upbringing can certainly have an influence on the choices they make in life, it does not itself determine with finality whether or not they turn to drugs.  Continue reading

Two Boys SmilingThere is no arguing that some stepfathers can form deeper and more intimate bonds with their stepchildren than others.  In some cases, stepfathers may be the only father the child has known, in others they may be seen by children as an unwelcome intrusion into family life.  However, it is very rare that a stepfather would ever wish ill of their stepchild or vice versa.  While they may experience varying degrees of tolerance of each other, they nonetheless are human beings that can feel pain when witnessing the other’s suffering. Continue reading

Man StandingIt is an unfortunate fact that many individuals in current society believe that drug addiction is a disease for which there is no cure.  They believe that addiction is a mental condition the individual may only hope to cope and live with, but never fully recover from.  They believe that with the help of substitute medications and counseling, and individual can learn to live one sober day at a time but can never be entirely free from drugs. Continue reading

FamilyWorking to help addicts reclaim their lives from addiction is a challenging endeavor, rewarding beyond measure at its best, and heartbreaking at its worst.  For those who have chosen it as their life’s work, perhaps there is no greater reward than the words of appreciation for a life saved.  Continue reading