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EmilianoAs Emiliano graduates from Narconon Piedmont in Italy, he tells this story: “It’s been more than five months from the day in March when I decided to come to Narconon Piedmont to learn how to live without drugs. They were hard months, but also beautiful where I experienced some beautiful emotions, learned to communicate honestly with others and learned to ask for help. Now I am going to leave the ‘little house’ with so much nostalgia. I take away a suitcase full of memories and life stories, I feel changed, improved, full of certainties! In recent months I have restored the relationship with my parents, which in recent times had vanished. I have a lust for life that I had not felt in years. I feel that the best is coming. This is because of the beautiful people who have decided to dedicate their lives to save people. They do it with passion and success! I thank all the staff of Narconon Piedmont.”

In the image, you will see the “little house” he refers to – the Narconon center where he recovered his ability to live without drugs.

The story of Antonia and Valentina started when they were just 14 and 15 years old. When they met, they had never used any drugs. That soon changed when they fell in with other young people who were using drugs. Soon, they began smoking marijuana without ever realizing where it would lead them.

Antonio-e-Valentina-successo-PiemonteAfter marijuana, came hashish and soon after that, cocaine, a drug that unfortunately, they grew to love. The years passed and their drug use continued. “Our parents did not suspect anything, so when we decided to get married, they supported us,” Antonio said. “Then, we were husband and wife, but the madness and desire to use drugs continued. We were married and even had children, hoping that the necessity of caring for children would save us from their desire to use drugs.”

It was not enough. “We found ourselves even more toxic, with responsibility for special children who needed a special mother and a special father.”

Of course, over time, things were only going to get worse. Antonio continued, “Our love was going up in smoke. The only thing we had in common was the desire to get away from everything by using drugs. We thought our children never suspected anything despite our ups and downs, quarrels and disagreements. Actually, our children suffered and pretended not to see the problems.”

Finally, enough was enough. They came to Narconon Piedmont. And at the completion of their program, Antonio said, “At this Narconon center, we were reborn. Now, we are able to live without using drugs or alcohol. Every time we look out at life, we see something indescribable. And we know that we will soon be two parents worthy of our very special children.”

mother sonWhether an individual who has fallen into drug use, abuse and addiction would openly admit it, the fact is that they once decided that they were either unwilling or unable to cope with some aspect of their life, and they needed drug substances to help them escape. Unfortunately, drug substances not only fail to help the individual solve the problems for which they are taken, but they can actually exacerbate these problems and create a host of new ones that further complicate the individual’s life. And yet even while they slowly steal away the individual’s power to control and direct his own life, they also make the individual depend upon them more and more. Continue reading

manAn individual who first experiments with drug use may know with absolute certainty that they are entirely in control of their drug use habits, and can stop any time they want. However, as time moves forward and drug use continues, it can escalate first into drug abuse and then into drug addiction, at which point the individual discovers that they no longer have control over their drug use habits and they cannot stop any time they want. Perhaps because they don’t want to admit the truth to themselves or perhaps because they don’t actually understand the full extent of the problem, some drug addicts may yet argue vehemently that they are in control of their drug use and they can stop any time they want. Their actions obviously prove otherwise, as they sink further and further into drug use despite the many damaging effects this has on their health, relationships and life. Continue reading

manParenting is a difficult and seemingly never-ending job that is not without challenges. Whether one is working on their child’s ability to communicate clearly about what they want, their ability to build strong inter-personal relationships or their ability to study well for their future, parents are familiar with the idea that raising a child means they have to help their child learn to identify and overcome problems in their life. Of course it is always a parent’s intention to do this well, so that their child becomes a strong, healthy, happy and productive member of society. Unfortunately, drugs can often get in the way, derailing a parent’s plans for their child. Continue reading

manWhen an individual is struggling with the complex problems of drug abuse and addiction they are also often struggling with a wide range of physical, mental and emotional problems. Not the least of these is a frustration, confusion, anger and hopelessness over the condition in which they find themselves. Unfortunately, these warring emotions can drive the individual to not only give up on reaching out for help, but even refuse or fight against help that is offered. Continue reading

womanWhen Maddie first arrived at Narconon Fresh Start, her future was very dark. She was addicted to both OxyContin and heroin, and was facing a long prison sentence as a result of her actions. Her family had tried desperately time and again to help Maddie overcome her addiction problems, all to no avail. She had participated in a 12-step outpatient program, an out-of-state short-term residential program, summer camps, Christian programs, and much more. At one point, Maddie even got a physical implant that was designed to prevent her from using opiate substances, but even this failed to help her. Continue reading

womanDrug abuse and addiction problems can so thoroughly take over an individual’s life that they think of little else besides obtaining and using more drug substances.  On some very deep, hidden level the individual may recognize the fact that they have a problem and that they need help, but true recovery can seem like a distant dream that isn’t entirely possible to reach.  When such an individual actually does achieve full and lasting recovery, they can discover that they actually have a passion for setting and reaching new goals in their life.  One Narconon graduate recently spoke out about her own experience in this area. Continue reading

manMost individuals have high hopes, dreams and goals for their life that they begin to develop when they are very young.  While some things in life may appear daunting or challenging, it can also seem that literally anything is possible, if one is willing to work hard to achieve it.  Unfortunately, drugs can entirely destroy this and give the individual the impression that life is nothing but misery, and not even worth living. Continue reading

groupThe problems of drug abuse and addiction are often difficult to fully comprehend, even when one is experiencing them first-hand.  What can initially seem like an innocent choice to experience some relief through the use of drug substances can quickly spiral out of control to a point where the individual’s entire life is dictated by these substances, completely without their permission.  What few individuals recognize is the fact that drug substances cannot successfully handle the problems for which they are taken, and what’s worse – they can greatly exacerbate the problems the individual is already struggling with. Continue reading