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Sauna Reviews

Narconon sauna reviews of clients who underwent the sauna treatment program. It is also called the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program.

Narconon student Ben K “After the Narconon New Life Detoxification program I realized that I do not need drugs at all and on another Narconon program step I understood that if I wanted to reach my goals I would not succeed using drugs. ThereforeI can with certainty state that I will not use drugs ever again, because I do not intend to, and because it is nonsense.”

“Completing the program opened the gate for getting my first job. This makes me a responsible, working adult in society, and it also makes me an independent person at the same time, which is a huge achievement.”

Ben K.
Narconon Nograd, Hungary

drug free studentsThe following are testimonials from former Narconon patients on the sauna detox portion of the program:

All Persons Would Benefit from Narconon Sauna

The Sauna/New Life Detoxification Program has completely turned me around inside and out. The first week was very hard but Kim, Ryan and Mike Magee and Bob kept answering my questions and encouraging me. I feel so wonderful, alcohol free, clear minded and happy. All persons whether drug addicted or not, would benefit from sauna.  E.M.  Continue reading

saunaThe Narconon New-Life Detoxification Program, also known as the Narconon Sauna, is a vital component of the holistic and drug-free Narconon drug rehabilitation program.  Those experiencing its benefits and results as part of the rehab program routinely report a resurgence in their physical and mental wellbeing. Continue reading

saunaThe following is a review from a client that entered the Narconon sauna treatment program.

When I first began the purification process I was on shaky grounds to say the least. I was suffering from pretty severe mood swings and drug cravings.  These would come on at any time, day or night and I suffered almost nightly from subconscious drug dreams. I was pretty unhappy about being here as I’m sure you could imagine. Although I still tried to be positive as possible and believed the program would work, if for nothing else but blind faith. Nothing else had worked for me so this just had to. The first few days were really rough, the sessions seemed to put me in a even more emotional unstable state. And I found the heat to be uncomfortable at times. Continue reading

narconon saunaSuccessful rehabilitation treatment is not synonymous with easy rehabilitation treatment.  However, many substance abusers can recognize the actions that will help them restore sobriety, even if they cannot achieve sobriety on their own.  In seeking rehabilitation treatment, many individuals simply want to be free from drugs and their damaging effects on the mind and body.  Few individuals conceive of just how much health and life can be restored by participating in the right program. Continue reading

saunaThe problem of substance abuse in the United States today opens the door to a lot of questions.  For example, why is it that an individual would destroy their apparently happy, healthy life for drugs? Why is it that an individual can desire so intensely to quit taking drugs, but can be unable to do so?  Why is it that an individual can participate in rehabilitation treatment, achieve sobriety, and then destroy all their hard work when they relapse into drug use months or even years later?  Why is it that drug addiction seems so impossible to resolve? Continue reading

saunaThe Narconon Sauna, the New-Life Detoxification Program component of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program, is unique in the field of drug rehabilitation treatment.  Based on the research and work of humanitarian and researcher, L. Ron Hubbard, it is a vital part of helping addicts get-off and stay off drugs. Continue reading

sauna-detox-narcononThe Narconon sauna program is one of the main components of the treatment process. It resolves the physical aspect of substance abuse and why a person will relapse even after many attempts at treatment. This program, also called the New Life Detoxification Program uses sweating in a sauna, vitamins and minerals (a specific regimen), exercise and plenty of water to do this. There have been some critics of this program but usually the main outcome of the program is based on the results with those doing it. This is what Narconon sauna students had to say about the treatment: Continue reading

Girl Sitting in SaunaThe following are a series of Narconon reviews written by clients who enrolled in the sauna program. The Narconon sauna, or New Life Detoxification Program is a drug-free sauna detox program that helps to eliminate drug toxins out of the body. This drastically reduces physical drug cravings and minimizes and even stop relapse. Those undergoing sauna treatment have also reported feeling brighter, less tired, happier and having an overall renewed feeling of well-being. Here are their testimonials: Continue reading