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Sauna Reviews

Narconon sauna reviews of clients who underwent the sauna treatment program. It is also called the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program.

inside of a saunaThe following are excerpts from several clients who underwent the Narconon sauna treatment method. Reports from this program indicate things such as feeling clearer, having more energy, feeling less depressed, overcoming feelings of anxiety and even improving sleep and overall physical well being. Here are six benefits of the Narconon sauna program written directly by clients who recently underwent the treatment. Continue reading

sauna roomClients (or students) that enroll in Narconon drug treatment often undergo the sauna detox portion of the program. This is also called the Narconon sauna or the New Life Detoxification Program. The following are a series of reviews from former clients who underwent sauna treatment in their own words:

Starting The Sauna

At the start of the Narconon sauna, one client said, “When I first started my sauna program I was still visibly affected from my years of drug abuse.  My head felt like it was in the clouds.  I found it hard to concentrate on anything for an extended period of time.  I also found it hard to get my body going in the mornings.  As I got into the grind of sauna, I felt like I was on a rollercoaster ride.  I would have good days, then turn around and have bad days.  Slowly this started to change and I could feel the difference.  My ups and downs seem to flat-line.  Now my head feels like it is in the present time and that lethargic feeling I had in the beginning is gone.  I now start my days feeling good and end feeling good.  I feel like I did before I started using drugs.   My whole personality has done a 180-degree turn.  I now feel my mind and body are ready to deal with any obstacle that may arise throughout the remainder of my program.  My body is now drug and toxin free.” – CW Continue reading

Narconon saunaThe following is a review from a graduate of the Narconon program who discusses their experience with the Narconon sauna treatment and what it did for them. The Narconon sauna program is a treatment method used in all residential Narconon centers. It is also called the New Life Detoxification Program. This tool is utilized through Narconon to help remove drug toxins from the body and drastically reduce physical cravings. Anyone undergoing the sauna program must receive a physical examination and approval from a medical doctor. The program is fully supervised and is done in conjunction with the use of specific vitamin and mineral supplements, liquid (water) intake and intermitted periods in a dry heat sauna. Continue reading

The Narconon program has been delivered since 1966, when it was founded by a man named William Benitez in Arizona State Penitentiary. Using the successful technology of L. Ron Hubbard Benitez was able to help many addicts. Over the years the Narconon program was further developed and the use of the Narconon sauna program was implemented as a successful means to help drug addicts to handle physical aspect of substance abuse. The sauna “sweat out” program is delivered in every residential Narconon program where each center is corporately and independently owned.

The Narconon sauna uses a regimen of physical exercise, water, vitamins and time in a dry heat sauna to help sweat out toxic residues left by drugs. The outcome is that one no longer physical craves the substances and this can aid greatly in permanently sobriety from the substances.

Here are some Narconon sauna reviews.
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