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From around the world, these graduates of the Narconon program explain how it has helped them adopt a new, sober lifestyle.

Graduates offer their successes

Amanda was an athlete and active in many of her school activities until she began using drugs. Gradually, she became consumed with using and selling drugs. About her time at Narconon, she said, “Narconon gave me my life back. I realized the damage that I created in my past and it was solely because of the decisions I was making.”

Jara encountered drugs in college. At sorority and fraternity parties, she was introduced to both alcohol and cocaine. At first, she thought the drugs would help her get through school but when she began to fail in her education, her parents found Narconon. “While I was going through the program, something like really clicked for me. I began realizing and feeling that I am in control. It was actually empowering.” After completing the Narconon program, Jara returned to school and finished her degree with straight As while working at the same time.

Don ran into some people who were selling methamphetamine and that was the beginning of him losing everything he valued. He went to more than one rehab and wasn’t able to stay sober after leaving. So he began to look for something different. He found what he was looking for at Narconon. “Narconon has not only changed my life, it’s elevated it. It’s exciting to really be alive again,” he said. At the time of his interview, Don had been clean for three years.

Pierpaolo completed the program at Narconon Argo in Italy in early 2015. When he arrived at the center, he said, “I immediately felt comfortable, understanding that it was the right place and the staff was the right one. Slowly I began to feel alive, to laugh and joke, to be happy. Now I feel free, I am no longer addicted. I have once again become a responsible person with values. Thanks to all of you for saving my life and for what you do every day.”

Alessandro began using drugs in Italy when he was just 13. As with so many people, his drug use started with marijuana. He moved on to ketamine and finally discovered heroin. Once he used heroin, he was lost. He said, “Ever since I made ​​my first shot, what little control I had over my life was lost.” He soon lost everything precious, including the respect of his family. Ironically enough, it was a policeman who helped him find Narconon. “This center has given me everything I was looking really: a new life, a future. I regained my relationship with my parents which I had lost years before. Nothing is impossible, you just have to want it. “

When a person gives up control to a drug, the good things in his (or her) life are quickly destroyed. Even when addiction has gone on for years, it’s possible to rebuild trust and healthy relationships again. The Narconon program helps graduates recover their honesty and integrity and that is the core of a new, healthy life. For fifty years, Narconon has been helping the addicted come back to life, in some fifty centers around the world.

From Narconon Alfiere in Italy comes this lovely and heartfelt statement of accomplishment on the Narconon drug rehab program.

“When I started this program, I was fearful and worried. With the help of the staff and every single person here who supported me, I began to overcome my fears.

“The greatest fear that weighed on me like a boulder was that I would want to quit drugs and not be able to do it. Some small part of me still felt the power addiction had over me.  At the most unexpected moment came the realization that I did not need the stuff to be happy. It makes us slaves and consequently we’re like leaves blowing in the wind. Being addicted to something is not living, but being a slave. Drugs put us behind invisible bars and deprives an addicted person of the most beautiful thing in the world: freedom.

shutterstock_169487486“Being able to get up in the morning, look in the mirror and say ‘I have it made’ is priceless.  Being able to appreciate the little things that everyday life offers us together with the affection of our loved ones is priceless. Life is worth living but this is not possible if you are in chains.

“Today, I finally got back what I was and I am proud of myself because I live for me and for my loved ones. In short, today I am finally happy because today, I’m beginning to live.”

Narconon Alfiere is located on the eastern coast of Italy, just a stone’s throw from the Adriatic Sea. From all over Italy, the addicted come here to get their lives back.

When an addicted person arrives at a drug rehab, they are very often still affected by the drug that addicted them. Many people will drink, smoke or inject their drug of choice in the airport on the way to rehab. So when they arrive at rehab, their very first step is to detoxify from these substances.

In this context, detoxing refers to the process of coming down off the drugs or alcohol one was using, until they are through withdrawal and fully sober. This may or may not require close medical supervision to ensure safety. The goal of the process is simply a sober person.

Each person arriving at a Narconon drug rehab center will go through this same process when they arrive, carefully monitored until they are fully sober. Then, their next step is something completely unique to this program: the New Life Detoxification Program.

A Detox after Detox?

Yes, each person has had time for his (or her) body to detoxify from past drug use. But now, the New Life Detoxification Program will take this process a very big step further: Old residues of past drug use stored in fatty tissues will now be flushed out, enabling each person to achieve a bright new outlook.

Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, alcohol and LSD have what’s called “lipophilic” qualities which mean they “like” and are attracted to fat tissues. Residues of these drugs tend to be stored in fat after the main part of the drugs are broken down and eliminated. These residues are capable of affecting a person’s mood and thinking, even years later.

To improve a person’s ability to think clearly and regain a bright outlook, the New Life Detoxification Program uses a strict regimen of nutritional supplements along with a carefully supervised schedule of exercise and time in a low-heat sauna. Gradually, the body’s ability to deeply detoxify is enhanced and these old residues are washed away through sweat, urine and feces.

Graduates Talk about Their Improvements from this Detox

In recent interviews, several graduates described what happened to them as these old residues were eliminated from their bodies.

This young man’s comments revealed that removing these residues let him feel as good as he had before he started using drugs: “The sauna for me was a great experience. When I went through the sauna I realized that I had forgotten what it felt like to feel normal – to wake up in the morning and have energy and sleep really well. After going through the sauna, I kind of felt like I had before I had done any drugs. It was a pretty life-changing experience.”

Like many other people, this woman found that detoxifying old drug residues enabled her to stop craving drugs: “Before I went into the sauna, I wanted to do coke really bad. The cravings were horrible, hikingI was constantly thinking about it. I couldn’t sleep. And when I [finished the detoxification], I felt so much better. I was sleeping good and not craving any more, it was awesome. After I completed, I wanted to do things, go hiking, go outside. I was so happy with my life.”

This fellow was also energized when he finished detoxing these old residues: “I got the feeling of how I felt when I was 13 years old, I had more energy, I was able to do anything I put my mind to. It was pretty much getting myself back for the first time since I began using drugs and alcohol.” 

In this story, a woman described what she felt like before she started the New Life Detoxification Program and compared that to how she felt when she was done: “When I went into it, my body felt sort of wooden. I was very tired all the time. I didn’t feel like doing anything, I didn’t have much energy. I wasn’t sleeping well. I did the program and when I got toward completion, my energy level was through the roof, I noticed I could smell things better. I felt like I could see things better, my thinking was clearer. I had much more energy, I was sleeping better at night, I just felt like a whole new person.”

As the fogginess and dullness of drug use fall away from a person on this step of their Narconon rehabilitation program, they are must better prepared to learn the skills they will need to stay sober despite life’s challenges. And a brighter outlook helps them participate in their own recovery and begin building a new life to replace the old life of addiction they have now left behind.