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narconon saunaSuccessful rehabilitation treatment is not synonymous with easy rehabilitation treatment.  However, many substance abusers can recognize the actions that will help them restore sobriety, even if they cannot achieve sobriety on their own.  In seeking rehabilitation treatment, many individuals simply want to be free from drugs and their damaging effects on the mind and body.  Few individuals conceive of just how much health and life can be restored by participating in the right program.

Restoration of Health

Jeremy had been using drugs for nearly two decades when he enrolled in the Narconon rehabilitation program, and the last twelve to fifteen years of drug use had been a period of excessive drug use.  He was completely dependent on drugs, had no natural energy and didn’t have a very good outlook on his future.  Jeremy did feel that he had a lot to lose if drugs landed him in prison or caused him an early demise, so he decided he had to do something in order to save himself.

The sauna detoxification program was not easy for Jeremy to get started on.  After all, his mind and body had been greatly damaged by years of drug use. Jeremy often felt physically weak and tired on a daily basis, and he found it difficult to concentrate or form thoughts, his mind being clouded by drug chemicals.  The sauna detoxification program takes persistence and dedication, especially since it is designed to move residual drug toxins from the fatty tissues of the body back into the bloodstream, which can cause the individual to re-experience many of the effects of drug use.  Some of these sensations were very intense, and Jeremy was grateful for the support and encouragement of the facility staff.  There were days that Jeremy sat in the sauna and felt euphoria, like he had when he had taken Ecstasy or LSD in the past.  There were also times when Jeremy’s nose would begin to run or become congested, just as it had when he had snorted large amounts of cocaine, Xanax and other pills.  One day, Jeremy even experienced sharp pains in the bottom of his foot where he had received stitches over a decade earlier.

Jeremy began to realize that all of these experiences he was having were symptoms of the fact that drug toxins were leaving his body.  He could actually sense the drugs leaving his body as he sweat them out in the sauna, and he became excited because he knew that as the drugs left, so did the possibility of future cravings and relapses.  At the completion of the sauna detoxification program, Jeremy felt amazing and full of natural, healthy energy.  Instead of waking up every day with a sense of dread and despair, Jeremy now wakes up feeling positive and happy about his future.  He has no doubt that his body has been entirely cleaned of all drug toxins, and that he will have no difficulty remaining clean in the future.

With Jeremy’s body finally clean of drug toxins, he was able to move onto the Narconon life skills courses.  Here he learned how to communicate with others, how to take responsibility for his actions and decisions that led to drug use, how to recognize dangerous personalities in his environment and avoid them, how to improve conditions in his life and much more.

Jeremy says that the Narconon program had nothing but a positive effect on both his mind and body.  He knows that the profound improvements he has experienced are due to his successful completion of each and every step of the program.  He has a more positive outlook on his mental and physical health, and looks forward to tackling life with the new skills he has gained.  Jeremy sincerely recommends the Narconon program to anyone who feels that their life is out of their control due to substance abuse.  He is grateful to the program and the staff at Narconon who helped him change his life so that he now has one to live.