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saunaThe following is a review from a client that entered the Narconon sauna treatment program.

When I first began the purification process I was on shaky grounds to say the least. I was suffering from pretty severe mood swings and drug cravings.  These would come on at any time, day or night and I suffered almost nightly from subconscious drug dreams. I was pretty unhappy about being here as I’m sure you could imagine. Although I still tried to be positive as possible and believed the program would work, if for nothing else but blind faith. Nothing else had worked for me so this just had to. The first few days were really rough, the sessions seemed to put me in a even more emotional unstable state. And I found the heat to be uncomfortable at times.

The drug dreams were so intense that I feared I couldn’t continue. I would usually call my parents to have them come and I would try to leave but then I would pull myself together and I would walk back into the doors. I relied on the purification staff a lot during this time. Whenever I felt down in the dumps they would talk me through the purification process was actually the reason for my feeling this way.

The Sauna Detox Process

Once I understood this better I was able to better handle the process. Also time helped a lot. When I was a few weeks into it began to get easier.  The dreams went away and I was beginning to feel something I hadn’t felt in sometime, good-really good. Not just physically but also mentally about myself. When I started talking to my family and friends on the phone, they all seemed to notice something new in me. My mom said she hasn’t heard me sound this good in quite a long time and creative juices were flowing much better now than ever before.

Now that I am at the end of this portion of my program, it has proven itself successful. I am confident that I have cleared the drugs out of my system.  I haven’t been thinking about them, I don’t even want to talk about them. I feel better than I can ever remember feeling and although I know I still have a lot to learn, I am excited to progress. I feel confident that I am ready to continue my program and am ready to learn about the technology and the tools to keep me staying sober.

Chris F. – Narconon Arrowhead Graduate