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saunaThe Narconon New-Life Detoxification Program, also known as the Narconon Sauna, is a vital component of the holistic and drug-free Narconon drug rehabilitation program.  Those experiencing its benefits and results as part of the rehab program routinely report a resurgence in their physical and mental wellbeing.

Elements of the Narconon Sauna

The Narconon Sauna is a precise regimen which includes the following elements:

  • Exercise to stimulate the circulation, with running being the preferred choice.
  • Prescribed periods of time in a moderate dry-heat sauna, accompanied with taking specific vitamins and other nutrients, thus enabling the person to sweat-out accumulated toxins and drug residues.
  • A nutritional program which includes:
  •  the person’s regular diet supplemented with plenty of fresh vegetables
  • an exact regimen of vitamins, minerals and oil intake
  • sufficient liquid intake to offset loss of body fluids through sweating
  • a properly ordered personal schedule, ensuring the person gets their normally required amount of sleep

Because it is both a technical and a strenuous program, it is only undertaken after the person received a physical examination and written approval to participate from a medical doctor.

Sauna Results

There are thousands of individuals the world over who have experienced the results of the Narconon Sauna as part of doing the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.

The purpose of the Narconon New-Life Detoxification Program is to assist in releasing and flushing out of the body the accumulated drug residues and toxins which may be lodged in the body tissues while at the same time rebuilding impaired tissues and cells.

The individual’s expression of their experiences and benefits from the Narconon Sauna are uniquely personal.

One young man shared that his experience in sauna was “awesome”; that as he stepped out of the sauna to sit outside in the sun for a few minutes, he realized it felt like this was the first time in a really long time he had had a vacation, adding, “I enjoyed it thoroughly.”

Another young man said his experience in the sauna was unexpectedly pretty good, and  after completing the sauna program he felt rejuvenated.  He noted that he started the program with his body “pretty torn up” because of what he had done to it with his drug use, adding that doing the sauna “really does rejuvenate your body”.

For one man, his attitude towards doing what he needed to do in order to overcome addiction was a benefit he experienced as part of doing the Narconon Sauna.  He shared that he wasn’t having any bad cravings, yet he was “pretty determined in my mind” about wanting to get help, thus actually making it easier for himself.  He said, “I came in.  I said this is what I would like to do.  And I just rolled with the program”.  He added as an aside, that he loved the food while on the program, and the “people are nice” at Narconon.

One woman shared that those delivering the Narconon Sauna, as well as the Narconon Program itself, were “supportive through the whole thing, from beginning to end”; that she was able to go through the experience, coming out the other side not only feeling better, but also having a better  understanding of what things did to her body.

She shared that by the time she was done with sauna, she “was ready to confront whatever was ahead of me”; that she felt like she hadn’t felt in a long time, adding that the program “is about learning how to live on a physical, mental and ethical aspect.”

In closing, she shared her experience with others in these words, which hopefully will give others hope, and help them in their efforts to successfully reclaim their lives from addiction, too.

She said, “To tell you the truth, most of the time I was here at Narconon we didn’t talk about drugs at all.  It was about life.  It was about what’s next.  It was about hope…”

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