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personWe all have hopes and dreams.  We look forward to those things we wish to accomplish in our lives; the places we want to go, the people we want to meet, the education and skills we will acquire, the hobbies and pastimes which we look forward to experiencing.  But sometimes, along the way, something happens which causes a person to abandon their hopes and dreams—and their life.

Choosing Drugs

This is Sarah’s story of how she chose drugs instead of life, and what happened to her because of that choice.  It is also her story of later making a different choice and decision—the choice and decision to truly live her life.

Sarah experimented with drugs in high school. When she was 22 years old, she snorted heroin for the first time. She says she knew it was bad, but she didn’t care. She knew the guy she was with wasn’t good for her, but that didn’t matter to her either. She says she had given up on life, and because of that decision, she was soon injecting heroin and any other drug that she could shoot.

Sarah says she did not have a bad upbringing; that her parents were loving and encouraging, and were always there for her. She always did well in school and hoped to someday get her college degree.  She wanted to join the Peace Corps; to be able to help people make their lives better.

Somehow, someway, she allowed her life to spiral out of control.  She gave-up on all of her dreams and any hope she had for her future. She let the drugs take it all away from her.

Sarah’s parents sent her to several 28-day 12-step programs. Each time she got out, she relapsed. After the last 28-day program, she went to live in a sober living home, eventually failing a drug test there.

She left the sober living house and hit the streets.  She planned to never come back. She says she let herself go, doing more drugs and trying to escape the horrible nightmare her life had become. All she wanted was to be completely numb.

Sarah’s parents, after researching rehabs on the internet, decided that their daughter  was going to Narconon Fresh Start. Her parents took her to California to Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge.

Once she arrived, she says she tried her best to not face-up to what she had done.  But eventually, she began to change.

After completing the Narconon Sauna detoxification phase of the Narconon program, she shares that felt like maybe–just maybe–she could face a life without drugs. Sarah says her body felt clean, and she did not constantly think about using.

When she got to the Personal Values & Integrity Course, she says she got honest and that was when her life really began to change. She was finally able to make a conscious decision to take responsibility for everything that she had done– to face it.

After graduating from the Narconon program, Sarah decided to remain at the Narconon Sunshine Summit Lodge to do an internship.  She shares with the reader that it was one of the best decisions of her life. She says she was able to put the skills she had learned into use; solidifying the already firm foundation the Narconon Fresh Start program had given her.

Importantly, she was able to live one of her life dreams–to be able to help people make their lives better.

After completing her internship, Sarah left Narconon to obtain her college degree and start living her life free of drugs. She is attending California State University Long Beach, and maintains a 4.0 grade point average.  She shares that she has an awesome relationship with her family, and she engaged to be married to an incredibly wonderful and kind man.

Sarah wants the reader to know that she truly believes that Narconon Fresh Start is the best program in the world. She says it gave her far more than just the ability to live without drugs; that it gave her self-respect and responsibility.

And the Narconon Program helped her to realize that life is worth living.

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