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womanMark, a native of Virginia, came to Narconon Lousiana New Life Retreat when his life was in serious trouble.  He was in jail, facing charges which potentially could send him to prison. He had run from his family, using drugs to cover-up the problems in his life he was unable to face and deal with.  It was a turning point in his life when he decided to do the Narconon program.

Running from Life

When Mark was using drugs, he was running from his life.  He says his life was in shambles; that he had been doing drugs for many, many years.  At the same time, he knew he needed to change, to get back to the place where he knew he could be.  He knew that he truly wasn’t the person he was showing himself to be.

Mark says his sister is his best friend in the entire world, but he would not talk to her at all when he was doing drugs, and tried to stay away from her.  It was his sister who would call him out on his drug use—and he would run away from her.  He adds that he would “try to run away from everything.”

He says that anything that was happening in his life would make him uncomfortable, and he would try to run away from it.  Mark knew he needed to fix that, and it is what got him to make the choice to get help.  He knew his drug problem was killing him; that it was doing no good for him at all.

When he found the Narconon program, he recognized that it was different.  Narconon sounded like the place where he could go and “get myself fixed.”  It was a life-changing decision.

Facing Life

Mark completed the Narconon drug rehabilitation program at Narconon New Life Retreat, now  sharing with the reader how what he learned and experienced there has helped him to face his life, and live it without drugs.

An important part of the Narconon program is the subject of communication, and a person’s ability to be in communication with self and others is addresses and improved.

Mark shares that it was a big part of the program for him; that is really helped him with family.  He says he is now comfortable being around his family, and able to confront (face) any kind of issues that arise; life issues or anything that pops up, from everyday sorts of things to “stuff you don’t know that’s coming.”  He says he is now able to confront those things and deal with them, and be comfortable while doing so.

Mark adds that his communication with everyone is much better.  He is able to comfortably talk to his family and his friends, and others as well.

One of the unique components of the Narconon program is the New-Life Detoxification Program, commonly referred to as the Narconon Sauna.  It is a specialized program designed to reduce the body burden of drug residues and toxins, resulting in increased physical and mental wellbeing.    It is also known to reduce drug cravings, or get rid of them altogether.

Mark says that by the end of the Narconon Sauna program, “It is the most amazing feeling you could ever get.”   He says it includes sleeping well at night and having energy during the day. He says it’s a complete change; seeing things a lot different and feeling like you have a completely clear body.

Living Life

Mark wants the reader to know that the biggest part of the Narconon program is that “it shows you who you really are.  They give you the tools you need to get your life back together.”

Perhaps there is no greater gift than to live life drug-free once again.

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