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discussionAfter addicts have come off of drugs and alcohol, they may still have triggers that can keep them at risk for relapse. This can be friends, places, things as well as drugs and drug paraphernalia. As part of the Narconon Program, students do exercises to help them confront these triggers without reacting negatively or turning on negative emotions. These exercises are called Confront and Reach and Withdraw. The following are one student’s gains from doing “Confront” and “Reach and Withdraw”.

Confront and Reach & Withdraw on parties and people using.

I looked back and thought of all my “friends” I used to party with and I counted up all the ones that are still friends with me today. Not a single one!

I also thought of all the situations I got into with these so called friends and I realized that I am better off without them and that I have much better friends now here at Narconon. I also have much more fun hanging out sober and laughing without all the drama and issues that come along with getting messed up (on drugs and alcohol). All the partying is going to get me nowhere in life and I am glad that I changed my priorities and realized which ones were important and the ones that are not. The important ones are career, family, sobriety. The non-important ones are partying and getting messed up. I am no longer worried about having friends because my sobriety is way more important. I am happy to have confronted this because looking at it now, I am more confident in myself than I was a couple of months ago. I am so glad that I have realized some of the mistakes I have made so I can now fix them.

I have realized that it’s just as easy to turn to alcohol when you are not using drugs. Last time I was in the program, I thought I was never going to use again. Then after I graduated I started justifying   my drinking which was not good. I traded one addiction for another and I am just glad that I caught it before it got out of hand. I am glad to have confronted alcohol again with a different perspective. I now look at alcohol as I look at pills and other drugs which I should have done to begin with, but I did not. I am just as worse off by drinking every day as I was using drugs every day. I am glad to see that now. I have no room for alcohol in my life. There are so much more important things in my life than drinking alcohol.  I am getting so much better at confronting my problems instead of masking them. I do not consider alcohol something I need or want in my life or in my future and it feels good to know that.

I feel great. I am way more confident that pills no longer have any kind of effect on me. It was such a relief being able to reach and withdraw from pills as easily as I did today.

I love the reassurance I got from running reach and Withdraw from Erik. It made me even more confident that Erik is no longer a part of my life. It feels great.

I have realized where I messed up by not taking alcohol as serious as I did drugs. But now that I look at alcohol differently I feel more confident in myself and it was easy for me to withdraw and to stay withdrawn from alcohol and drugs.

This drug (cocaine) was something I did (and liked) when I was younger (teenager). I have touched it on and off for years and don’t even know why. I do not really like it and it is not worth it. I mainly used it as a substitute when I could not find other drugs. Now that I am sober, I know it will not be any problem staying away from cocaine. It was easy to confront and it is no longer and part of my life.

The main places I used drugs and alcohol were my apartment and my mom’s house. The whole time I was confronting, I felt disappointed in myself. I realized that I turned my apartment into a big party and treated it very badly. I did the same with my mother’s house. I cannot believe hat I was so disrespectful. I could have gotten her in so much trouble with the police if I had been caught. Not to mention that my nephew was there all the time. I can’t believe that I risked him finding something of mine or my mom going to jail just so I could get high there. I was so selfish and very irresponsible. I will never put them or myself at risk like that again.

I feel great about the Reach and Withdraw and Confronts. I got to look at my past from a different standpoint and it made me more confident in myself about not using anymore. This is the most relaxed and relieved I have been since I have been back at Narconon.

Running Reach and Withdraw again was awesome. It gave me my confidence back and that is exactly what I needed. It feels good to know that I am 100% at cause over those triggers. I feel awesome about my future and about what I need to do in present to stay this way.

J.C. – Former Narconon Patient