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drug free studentsThe following are testimonials from former Narconon patients on the sauna detox portion of the program:

All Persons Would Benefit from Narconon Sauna

The Sauna/New Life Detoxification Program has completely turned me around inside and out. The first week was very hard but Kim, Ryan and Mike Magee and Bob kept answering my questions and encouraging me. I feel so wonderful, alcohol free, clear minded and happy. All persons whether drug addicted or not, would benefit from sauna.  E.M. 

I Don’t Want to Drink

Today is 40 days at Narconon and 21 days in sauna. Upon reflection I have not wanted to drink or binge – in fact as I look to the future of living in an “alcoholic” society I believe that I can function nicely without booze!!! I know I can! Thanks. LM.

I Feel More Clear-Headed

Coming into sauna I felt cloudy and without feeling. I was a little brain dead. I could not taste or smell really good. During sauna I started getting clear headed and got some of my taste and smell back. Now I feel great. I feel like all drugs and Toxins are gone. J.R.

I feel amazing having gone through he sauna program again. My body feels healthy and my mind feels sharp. I am happy that I was able to complete this part of the program and I feel that I got as much as I could out of it. F.N.

Looking Forward to Tomorrow

Another beautiful day in sauna. It feels great to run this nasty stuff out of my body. I am looking forward to tomorrow and writing more. Thank you. T.T.

In Control Now

I have completed sauna and it was great. I was very impressed by my overall performance and progress through this portion of the program. I am extremely grateful for no longer having physical drug cravings. Now I can work on the psychological cravings and bio-chemical personality disorders. I am full of energy, charisma and life again. Kim helped to understand how to complete and we both knew that I was ready. She has been a great help and really cheered me up. I am in control now in every possible way. There is nothing I cannot do. D.L.

Narconon Sauna Gave Me More Energy

When I first started sauna I did not have that much energy and my mind was not clear at all. I never wanted to be active or anything. As I went through sauna each day that I would exercise and sweat in the sauna box I felt myself getting more and more energy each day. Every time I would exercise in the morning, it would make me feel great and after doing sauna I feel so much healthier and my mind is so much more clear. I can think more clearly and I notice things in my environment more. I am happier because I have more energy and feel healthy. Its great to be able to feel this good after all the drugs I have done in my past. Overall sauna was great for me and I am happy I did it because I now feel so awesome. Thank you Ryan. K.B.

I Feel 21 Again

When I came to Narconon I was unsure that the program could help me. I was already on my way to being sober but I still had cravings. Now that I have been through sauna, I do not have cravings anymore. Doing all the exercising along with taking all the vitamins, I feel like I am twenty-one again. I feel cleaner both in my mind and physically. I am very thank full to be here and so that I can be all I can be for me baby and my beloved wife. J.B.

Improved Memory

So after 36 days of sauna I feel great! All the toxins are out and I am more than sure that I completed the sauna very thoroughly. I am just glad to know that I am sober and that sauna is over. My memory has improved a lot and my thoughts are more clear. My emotions are much more stable and I feel awesome physically. Life and the future looks brighter and I look forward to the rest of the Narconon Program that will help with other problems that deal with drugs. Thank you to Kim and the Case Supervisor. R.G.