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happy sober manThe following are a series of testimonials from one student at the Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab program on this and how the treatment center helped him to gain sobriety. One step in the Narconon Program is to isolate things, places and people that can be triggers for relapse. This can be previous friends, places where drugs were used, drugs, alcohol, and paraphernalia. The addict is helped to face these triggers by doing confront exercises and exercises to reach and withdraw from the triggers.

Reach & Withdrawal on a Person

When I did a Reach & Withdrawal process on a person I realized that is does not matter who they are. It was my choice to use the drugs.  I have learned to make choices in who I associate with even if it is a family member or an acquaintance or a close friend as they may influence my life if I am not in complete control. My win is to not let people influence me or make decisions for me and my life. My husband and I started having trouble in our marriage and I turned to people that I should not have and let them make decisions for me and it made me turn to drugs to cover up my real feelings.

My win is that now I have confronted it I have the full control over my mental state and my physical state and I do not want to cover up anything in my life or put any drug into my body. That is the best win for me in my life.

Realizing that I can withdraw from people and places and drugs is a win. I am a much happier and healthier human being now that I am not using drugs and alcohol. I am a better person in this present time, which I can control by staying sober.

Reach & Withdrawal Process on Drugs & Alcohol

On Reach and Withdraw of alcohol my realization is that I will never jeopardize my life or family because I was not in control. I am in full control of my life. While confronting the alcohol I realized that I have the full control of withdrawing from it. I realized that I do not have to cover up my past experiences and that I do not need to have alcohol to have fun. My win is that I am sober and will stay that way because I am in control and no one else can do it for me. “Just me.”

When confronting meth, my drug of choice, I realized that it took everything away spiritually by not putting God first. My husband is my soul mate now that I have him back. My family (daughters, sisters, brother, grandbabies, mother and brothers-in-laws) are now everything to me. I am more cheerful knowing that I have them in my life. I love being in full control of everything about myself and my well-being. If it had not been for Narconon, I would not be alive.

Reach & Withdrawal on a Location

Confronting the location where I used alcohol and meth made me see that I was going places that I do not belong and being around people that are bad influence on me. My ability to handle my life problems is getting better and I am handling my environment more easily now that I am more confident in myself and my well-being.

Confronting the location where I took meth with my acquaintances made me realize that I have a choice to withdraw from people, places and drugs. The choices that I make in life cause a big difference in my mental, physical and environmental state and thinking.

I am in full control of the choices that may influence me in present time. It is a wonderful thing that will not change because it is my choice. I realize that alcohol is a dark place in my life. Without it I now see a brighter light in life. There is no returning to the dark side, so I will stay sober.

My Win Overall

My win from the Narconon program books is what I am able to withdraw from the past and putting myself into the present time. I am a real person. My realization is that I have been able to put my previous drug use in the past and to never hurt my husband again.

My big win is that I am who I am and I decide my future and no one else decides that for me. Myself, my environment and my future belong to me. Thanks to the program here at Narconon. This is a winning success.

I realized that I am in full control of my life, my environment and my success in life. It started here at Narconon. THANK YOU.

B.F. – Former Narconon Patient