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guyNarconon has been helping people get off drugs and alcohol for nearly 50 years, and they have expanded the program to reach people in areas around the world. Tens of thousands of people across the globe can tell stories about how the Narconon program gave them a fresh start in life, and these people come from all walks of life. One of them is Alan, a man who lives in the United Kingdom and whose story of addiction and recovery has been shared online on the Narconon UK website. He came to the Narconon center seeking help with his addiction to heroin and crack cocaine, two of the most powerfully addictive drugs available. Alan’s addiction was no light matter; he was hooked on two drugs which have together claimed countless lives in overdose and ruin over the years, and he desperately needed the help he was looking for at Narconon. It wasn’t easy for him to get there, since like many addicts he still felt a determination to try to quit on his own, but finally he did arrive at the Narconon center after making a trip of more than 600 miles from his home.

It took Alan eight days to make it through withdrawals. Immediately before coming to the center, he had gone on one last bender and used as much heroin and crack as he could get, and he then spent the first 16 hours of his time at Narconon sleeping. Withdrawals were tough, but with the support of the staff and others on the program, he made it through. Next, he got started on the Narconon program itself. From the get-go, he was spending time studying the Narconon life skills courses, the first of which he says taught him patience and control. He was also spending time in the sauna, the pivotal first phase of the Narconon program which involves sweating out accumulated residues of past drug use. Not only was Alan getting sober and making a fresh start, but he was also making new friends. His testimonial is peppered throughout with the names of people who he built friendships with and who he credits with helping him through this important time in his life. For example, he recalls the evenings when he would share jokes and laughter with his roommate, with whom he shared living quarters for five of the six months that he spent at Narconon. The friends a person makes at Narconon often end up being friends for life.

Narconon Student Joins the Staff to Help Others

After Alan completed the sauna detox, he still had work to do on the life skills courses, which included a series of communication drills that are used to help a person learn to be more comfortable and confident when talking to others. The other life skills courses cover a variety of different topics, but to sum it up Alan tells other Narconon students that “believe me when I say you will need this info to assist in your battle to stay drug free.” Narconon changed Alan’s life for the better, so much so that he has decided to stay on at the center as a member of the staff, so that he can help other people achieve the same types of gains that he did. “Doing this course has changed me from the wreck I was when I came in physically and mentally,” Alan says. “I know what I did before coming here destroyed my life and my families life but I feel I have dealt with that now and I can now move on.”