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narconon studentsTraining Routines are an important part of the Narconon Program. They are exercises to help recovering addicts get comfortable with themselves and with others as a first gradient. Then they move into getting better control of themselves and their ability to stay with a decision, which helps them stay free of drug alcohol.    Below are some wins and gains from students doing Training Routines. The Training Routines are also referred to as Book 1.     

Feeling Comfortable and Relaxed

Had a great day doing Training Routines. My partner and I made great progress on Training Routines. I feel very comfortable and relaxed while doing them. I am feeling awesome overall and I am 87 days sober. B.H.

I Totally Understand the Concept of Training Routines

Today I feel like I had a huge win because I did Training Routines 0 – 4 very well and I completely understand the concept of all of them! J.W.

Feeling at Ease and Peaceful

I feel good today with my progress. I worked hard on my training routines and understand how important it is to improve my communication skills.  When using drugs and alcohol I lost of those skills and just stopped talking. Today I feel at ease and peaceful. P.M.

Now I am Able to Meet the Families of Friends

Since I can remember I have never been able to meet anyone’s family without being uncomfortable. It does not matter if it was someone I was dating or a friend. I have even ended relationships for that reason alone. With Training Routine 0, I met my boyfriend’s parents last night. My boyfriend said that I looked nervous but he is happy and so I am I as it went well. A.S.

Able to Say What I Want to Say With Confidence

Today was my first day of understanding why we have the therapeutic training routines. I was able to confront my twin with a few routines. I was able to address what I wanted and to say things with confidence and without being intimidated by the conversation. I had the ability to confront my absence from work with as much truth as was needed. Although I was only on the phone and not face to face with the person, I still felt that I had a win. I said what I had to say and did not say anything that I had not intended to say. WIN. P.M.

I Can Now Deal With Difficult Situations

I am done with Book 1!! It has helped me learn to deal with difficult situations and to understand how to talk to and face people without getting upset or being nervous. E.P.

Learned How to Confront Better

In Book 1 I learned how to confront people better and deal with situations a lot easier. I have final completed Book 1. E.P.

Feeling at Peace

I was doing Training Routine 0 for 31 minutes which was the longest so far.   There was so much going on around me, but I refused to let it distract me. I was able to just be there, exist and continue to be in peace.

I noticed today with my eyes open that I was having a problem with my eyes but after some drops I was able to finish h training routine. P.M.

Feeling Clearer

As I went through Book One, I could sense myself becoming more clear and even feeling better physically. I am proud of myself and the person I am working with on the Training Routines. We were fortunate to have a good course supervisor. I am ready for he next step. M.E.

Communicating with Family

Today I called my brother and talked to him during lunch and it was nice to hear his voice. I practiced Training Routines 0 o 4 over and over again and it is a lot better. I am super excited to have the first package that, my family has sent m since I am in rehab. K.D.

Self Discovery

Book 1 was a great step toward self discovery and learning. I am also enjoying every day sober and meeting new friends. R.H.