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narconon graduate sergey

The following review is from a Narconon student upon graduation of the program in Narconon Standard, Moscow, Russia:

“I’d like to share some realizations, conditions and wins that are happening in my life presently. The Narconon program has enabled me to build a quality foundation of knowledge, skills and abilities, which currently gives me an excellent ability to deal with people despite what they’re like or what their goals are. I can say that all the program steps have proved to be useful to me without exception! I apply each and every step every day to every area of my life, without exception, and that is what makes me successful and dynamically thriving today.

“Let’s look at the advantages a Narconon graduate has compared to an average Russian citizen – the program graduate has some strong valuable skills: the ability to withstand stress, self-control, an intention without compromise, an understanding of the nature of things, which eliminates error in evaluating situations and their outcomes, total confidence in one’s own actions, increased productivity, an aim towards results, an ability to clearly and quickly devise an optimum solution to an extraordinary situation, an optimistic and positive outlook, a lack of action-blocking prejudice and fears, an unshakably firm position in life, a huge amount of energy. I’m certain that I’ve only named a portion of advantages, but this portion already signifies an above the average abilities in all aspects of life.

“I feel that I’m a very successful and flourishing individual, my dreams are coming true and I’m surrounded only by good people.

“My wins are the great amount of trust my loved ones put in me and the construction of my very own car wash complex. I wish everyone to get up to a totally new height for them and relish in this victory. Good luck in your self-improvement – your fast way to prosperity!!”

Narconon Standard graduate