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“I have come to a crucial point of the Narconon program. I’m on the last course that in my opinion is the most important of all. I am solving situations that I neglected my past, unresolved situations that could prevent me to lead a life free from drugs.

Narconon Il Falco graduate from Italy

“Just today I have seen a radical change! I wrote a letter to my mother, for the first time I was totally honest and clear. After so long I felt emotions I had not felt for years, as I was writing I felt many sensations distinct from each other. But the best thing was that they were all wonderful feelings, tears of joy, butterflies in the stomach, a lump in my throat that are strangely reappearing while writing this. This means only one thing, this program works … it really works! Restores life, it makes you appreciate a gesture, a word, a pat on the back! All things that the drug takes away.

“During the program I have overcome many difficulties. This is my success but I dedicate it to all those people who are trapped in the drug world! These are only a few lines, but I hope they are enough to get someone to decide which road to take.”

Narconon Il Falco student