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gabbiano grad
It’s been 4 years since I arrived at Narconon Gabbiano and I can say that my life has radically changed.

What the Narconon program gave me goes far beyond the freedom from drug addiction, because I was able to get an all new life.

It is not easy to summarize the victories I achieved in the program, but for sure can say I was able to take back everything that I had lost because of the drugs. In fact I have reached many more goals than what I could have imagined.

I saw again the smile on the faces of my loved ones who, after years of lies and suffering, again have a son they can count on.

Now I am glad of the choice made on March 15th four years ago because at that very moment I chose not to give in to the drugs, but to put back into my hands the reins of my life.’

Narconon Gabbiano, Italy