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Jill B18 months sober! Wow, this is a huge accomplishment for me! It truly is difficult for me to put into words how fantastic I feel. When I first became a student at Narconon, I was depressed, weary and broken. I am now confident, strong, full of energy and vitality. My relationships with my husband, my children and my parents have become rock solid. It feels so wonderful to have the trust back that I thought I had lost forever.

During the last year, I have received two promotions at my job, and I have gained respect from not only my employer, but also from my co-workers. To be absolutely honest, I can say that I am someone that is fun to be around, caring, considerate and thoughtful. I could have never said that about myself 18 months ago.

I am still in close contact with other students I met through Narconon. We share each other’s joys, accomplishments and even hardships. Our shared experience built a bond that cannot be broken. My course partner and I still talk regularly and support each other completely. The friends I made there are ones I will have for a lifetime.

I have never known a time in my life where I have enjoyed waking up each and every day. Each day holds an adventure for me, whether it is learning something new, meeting new people or taking on a new challenge. Using the technology I learned at Narconon helps me on a daily basis. I have all the tools I need to succeed today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life. I cannot thank the staff at Narconon enough for what they have given me.

Jill B.
Narconon Redwood Cliffs