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Narconon graduate from RussiaThe following is an interview with Leonid, who completed the Narconon drug rehab program in Russia 15 years ago and is still drug and alcohol free today.  

“I went through drug rehabilitation many times, but only to fall back on drugs again and get into rehab again. The Narconon program saved my life.

“When I was using drugs I often got into hospitals and while doing my detoxification or withdrawal I would always say that I was done with drugs and this was the last time I used them. And I returned to drugs every time. After a while I started to understand that the hospital treatment only gave me some strength back and removed the withdrawal symptoms, but I would have to do something else on top of that to really quit drugs for good.

“I started taking journeys out of town for a little change of environment and to cut off my access to drugs, but I got incredibly strong drug cravings, which I tried to get rid of by means of alcohol, sedatives and sleeping pills. But nothing really helped. I was so dependent on drugs that I would just get back, find drugs and return to taking regular doses. A year later my condition worsened so much that I thought to myself, “Would I ever be able to get out of addiction, because I’m practically an inch away from death, I feel absolutely horrible physically and mentally”.

“But I never gave up and tried to find a way out, and one day I came across some information about a drug rehabilitation program called Narconon. The fact that this program is widely used not only in Russia, but in other countries too, really sparked my interest. I knew from films about celebrities that the drug problem didn’t just exist in Russia. It’s just as bad in the West and there it gets solved – good rehabilitation centers exist as well as effective means of helping addicts. I thought, “Could it be that such a program has actually existed in Russia?” and decided to try and do it.

“When I arrived at the center I faced an extraordinary fact – the rehabilitation program turned out to be totally drug-free and non-medical. This caused a bit of doubt from my side, since I was used to addiction being treated in hospitals where they give you plenty of medicine, hook you up to an intravenous drip and so on. But I also caught myself thinking that I’ve been withdrawn at hospitals many times, where they had all the medicine, the drips, the sedatives, and despite all that I still went back to drugs every time. Perhaps an unconventional method is worth a try then? That’s how I made the decision to undergo the Narconon rehabilitation program.

“This was the turning point, the moment I will never forget because from that moment on my resurrection began. I met wonderful people who helped me return to life, I got a lot of useful information on the reason people turn to drugs and I’ve managed to renew myself not only physically, but morally as well.

“Just think, I’ve managed to get rid of drugs without any drug-based therapy, without psychologists or psychotherapists, without hypnosis or suggestion. I studied practically by myself and by completing the courses of the Narconon program in sequence I got my condition to change. I started getting back to life and regaining my lost abilities. I was once again able to enjoy life without craving drugs or alcohol and I’ve stayed drug free for many years now. I wish that every person, who is trying to find a way out of his or her drug problem, discovers Narconon. This program helped me when doctors lost all hope of saving me and I sincerely hope that it helps you as well. I’ve been free from drugs and alcohol for 15 years now!”

Narconon Graduate from Russia