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The story of Antonia and Valentina started when they were just 14 and 15 years old. When they met, they had never used any drugs. That soon changed when they fell in with other young people who were using drugs. Soon, they began smoking marijuana without ever realizing where it would lead them.

Antonio-e-Valentina-successo-PiemonteAfter marijuana, came hashish and soon after that, cocaine, a drug that unfortunately, they grew to love. The years passed and their drug use continued. “Our parents did not suspect anything, so when we decided to get married, they supported us,” Antonio said. “Then, we were husband and wife, but the madness and desire to use drugs continued. We were married and even had children, hoping that the necessity of caring for children would save us from their desire to use drugs.”

It was not enough. “We found ourselves even more toxic, with responsibility for special children who needed a special mother and a special father.”

Of course, over time, things were only going to get worse. Antonio continued, “Our love was going up in smoke. The only thing we had in common was the desire to get away from everything by using drugs. We thought our children never suspected anything despite our ups and downs, quarrels and disagreements. Actually, our children suffered and pretended not to see the problems.”

Finally, enough was enough. They came to Narconon Piedmont. And at the completion of their program, Antonio said, “At this Narconon center, we were reborn. Now, we are able to live without using drugs or alcohol. Every time we look out at life, we see something indescribable. And we know that we will soon be two parents worthy of our very special children.”