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In Northern Italy, Narconon Alfiere sits on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Like other Narconon centers around the world, this is where people struggling with addiction find help and lasting sobriety. From Narconon Alfiere comes this success story from a recent graduate.

italian confidence

He said, “I’m done now with the Narconon program. I feel something explode inside me. My heart is pounding and I can hardly hold back the tears. Today is the biggest day of my entire existence. I did not believe it could happen to me to feel so happy. Before I got here, I did not understand how to get what I really wanted. The years passed and I grew up not knowing how to achieve a satisfactory life. I could not learn from my mistakes.”

That frustration led our graduate into drugs to ease his unhappiness. Of that time, he said, “I was stuck, helpless and suffering.”

As he completed the Narconon program, he described himself very differently. “Today, I have regained confidence and the will to live. Today is the best day of my life because today I decided to stay healthy.”

He ended by thanking those at Narconon Alfiere who helped him learn these valuable lessons in living. “Thanks for all you do. Helping a person to achieve these new insights into the life is enormous. You have all my respect, without reservation. “