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Every Narconon center in the world administers the same drug rehabilitation program. On six continents of the world, those who lost their way to addiction are finding stable recovery at Narconon centers. Their locations are as diverse as the east side of Taiwan, the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Italy and Melbourne, Australia.

In Russia, one person wrote a glowing success story after they completed an early step of the program, the New Life Detoxification Program. This step utilizes exercise, nutritional supplements and time in a low-heat sauna to wash away old stored drug toxins. It’s been found that eliminating these toxins provides a bright, fresh new viewpoint and greater mental and physical energy. These benefits provide a strong foundation that enable a person to make improved progress through the life skills education that follows.

shutterstock_79630489Roma wrote: “I am very glad that I have completed this step of my program. It wasn’t that easy, but I overcame this difficulty. I want to give a huge thank you to all those who helped me! I am very happy to be alive now. As the toxins have started to leave me, my awareness about life changed. I was able to assess the life taking place around me and I said to myself: ‘I really want to live!’ Now, this step has completely cleared toxins from my body. My mind is clear. Thank you to my parents, they are most beloved and holy!”

If you care for someone who has struggled with drugs or alcohol, the Narconon program and the New Life Detoxification Program can be the turning point they dreamed of. Call us today to learn more.