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EmilianoAs Emiliano graduates from Narconon Piedmont in Italy, he tells this story: “It’s been more than five months from the day in March when I decided to come to Narconon Piedmont to learn how to live without drugs. They were hard months, but also beautiful where I experienced some beautiful emotions, learned to communicate honestly with others and learned to ask for help. Now I am going to leave the ‘little house’ with so much nostalgia. I take away a suitcase full of memories and life stories, I feel changed, improved, full of certainties! In recent months I have restored the relationship with my parents, which in recent times had vanished. I have a lust for life that I had not felt in years. I feel that the best is coming. This is because of the beautiful people who have decided to dedicate their lives to save people. They do it with passion and success! I thank all the staff of Narconon Piedmont.”

In the image, you will see the “little house” he refers to – the Narconon center where he recovered his ability to live without drugs.