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Pesaro, Italy

Pesaro, Italy

From Narconon Alfiere near Pesaro, Italy comes Mattia’s story of recovery from addiction. After many years lost to addiction, Mattia’s family found Narconon. He found a reason to fight for his sobriety and soon, he began to recover himself and his life. Here’s his story.

“My addiction started in 1998 and I arrived at Narconon in February of 2015. For too long, I had betrayed my family, I betrayed friends, I betrayed myself. I said to myself, ‘Mattia, win this fight for your father, your mother.’ Soon, I was saying, ‘Mattia, do it for yourself.’

“I started walking down this road and began to learn to deal with the problems of my life. I started on the sauna detoxification step and when I finished 25 days later, I did not recognize myself. I felt the enthusiasm of a child.

“Day after day I felt different, I feel more capable, more confident in my choices. I became become more methodical and had many realizations.

“I achieved a physical and mental well-being and ethics, honor, morality — that is priceless. I decided that this wealth will not go away anymore.

“A sweet mother, a father I respect so much, two people that despite all the mud that I have thrown still believe in me. And Valentina, it’s time to let her enjoy the calm after the storm, it’s time to show her that ‘I love you’ are not just words, it’s time to get in action. Soon we’ll get married. Thanks to this place, I feel ready, I feel reborn.

“Thanks to all the staff– in this difficult period, you have all contributed to my success and my rebirth. I want to thank you from my heart – thank you for everything.”