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From around the world, these graduates of the Narconon program explain how it has helped them adopt a new, sober lifestyle.

Graduates offer their successes

Amanda was an athlete and active in many of her school activities until she began using drugs. Gradually, she became consumed with using and selling drugs. About her time at Narconon, she said, “Narconon gave me my life back. I realized the damage that I created in my past and it was solely because of the decisions I was making.”

Jara encountered drugs in college. At sorority and fraternity parties, she was introduced to both alcohol and cocaine. At first, she thought the drugs would help her get through school but when she began to fail in her education, her parents found Narconon. “While I was going through the program, something like really clicked for me. I began realizing and feeling that I am in control. It was actually empowering.” After completing the Narconon program, Jara returned to school and finished her degree with straight As while working at the same time.

Don ran into some people who were selling methamphetamine and that was the beginning of him losing everything he valued. He went to more than one rehab and wasn’t able to stay sober after leaving. So he began to look for something different. He found what he was looking for at Narconon. “Narconon has not only changed my life, it’s elevated it. It’s exciting to really be alive again,” he said. At the time of his interview, Don had been clean for three years.

Pierpaolo completed the program at Narconon Argo in Italy in early 2015. When he arrived at the center, he said, “I immediately felt comfortable, understanding that it was the right place and the staff was the right one. Slowly I began to feel alive, to laugh and joke, to be happy. Now I feel free, I am no longer addicted. I have once again become a responsible person with values. Thanks to all of you for saving my life and for what you do every day.”

Alessandro began using drugs in Italy when he was just 13. As with so many people, his drug use started with marijuana. He moved on to ketamine and finally discovered heroin. Once he used heroin, he was lost. He said, “Ever since I made ​​my first shot, what little control I had over my life was lost.” He soon lost everything precious, including the respect of his family. Ironically enough, it was a policeman who helped him find Narconon. “This center has given me everything I was looking really: a new life, a future. I regained my relationship with my parents which I had lost years before. Nothing is impossible, you just have to want it. “

When a person gives up control to a drug, the good things in his (or her) life are quickly destroyed. Even when addiction has gone on for years, it’s possible to rebuild trust and healthy relationships again. The Narconon program helps graduates recover their honesty and integrity and that is the core of a new, healthy life. For fifty years, Narconon has been helping the addicted come back to life, in some fifty centers around the world.