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Services at Narconon

When an addict is looking for a way out of the destructive lifestyle of addiction, he must have some kind of drug rehab program available that will truly give him a chance for a drug-free life. A high success rate is imperative to give the addict and his family confidence that this is going to be the best program, and without the need to head back into rehab over and over again, only to relapse after completion.

At Narconon the services provided address the key aspects of addiction. Both mental and physical factors must be addressed for lasting recovery. When reading testimonials from graduates of the program, it is clear that the person who graduates from the Narconon drug rehab program knows he will now be able to live a productive and happy life at last. He often says that he does not even think about doing drugs anymore.

Withdrawal is the First Step

Parents and other family of those completing the Narconon program offer consistently positive reviews. Particularly of interest is the method in which Narconon handles withdrawal for a recovering addict. Instead of addictive drug substitutes, nutritional support is given. Staff care for each person as an individual and do everything possible to see them get through withdrawal as comfortably as possible. These trained staff administer unique relaxation techniques that ease the discomforts. Using these methods, withdrawal is more tolerable at Narconon.

Detoxification Clears the Body and Mind

Another service of Narconon is cleaning the body by a thorough detoxification. The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program provides the way to flush out drug residues that remain lodged in the fatty tissues of the body. Since these residual drugs are known to be involved in the triggering of drug cravings even years after a person has come off drugs, it is vital to get rid of these poisons. A unique combination of moderate exercise, time in a low heat sauna as well as vitamin and mineral supplements accomplishes this with surprising ease.

Parents’ reviews of the Narconon program after seeing a loved one finish this phase of treatment are filled with accolades about how different the recovering individual is at this point – so much more the way they were before they began using drugs or alcohol.

Learning Life Skills for a Drug-free Life

When observing an addict, anyone can see how his skills in living have suffered from long-term drug abuse. He has trouble communicating effectively. He has lost his self-respect and no longer maintains high personal values. He could easily fall back in with the wrong crowd and end up using drugs or alcohol again.

On the Narconon Life Skills Courses, the recovering person will learn how to repair the damaged areas of his life. He learns how to restore his integrity and self-esteem. He gets tools that help him stay on the right path for lasting sobriety. With this series of six courses, he gets knowledge needed to live a life without drugs or alcohol.

Enthusiastic Narconon reviews come from family, friends and the recovering addict himself once he has completed these services. He becomes a person capable of having and achieving goals. His dreams can become a reality. He no longer needs to turn to drugs or alcohol to face life. The services of the Narconon drug rehab program have been carefully designed to provide just the types of repair and rehabilitation needed to leave substance abuse far behind.