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Drug Prevention that Works

For our culture to thrive, our children must be able to grow strong and capable. However, according to surveys, marijuana smoking as well as use of OxyContin and Ecstasy has escalated among high school students. Substance abuse destroys a person’s ability to live life to its fullest. Young people must be educated in the effects they risk by using drugs so this growing trend reverses.

Narconon Drug Education Produces Results

Narconon is a drug rehabilitation and prevention organization that is committed to providing an education to our youth about the dangers of drugs. Drug prevention reviews show that when kids gain a real understanding of what drugs do and how dangerous they are, they decide on their own to stay away from illicit drug use.

Narconon has forty years of experience and success with drug rehabilitation and prevention. The Narconon curriculum provides a thorough knowledge of the consequences of drug use and thus enables a young person to make a rational decision to not become involved in using illegal drugs.

Success with a Drug Education Program

The Narconon drug education curriculum is successful because the information is presented in such as way so that students can relate to it. They see the results of drug abuse demonstrated in terms they can grasp and use. The method of presenting facts makes it easy for the young person to receive the knowledge and come to his or her own conclusions. Student reviews attest to the effectiveness of this kind of drug education.

Narconon drug education works effectively in getting a youth to see the harms in substance abuse and avoid making such a disastrous mistake as taking illicit drugs. All the presentations are interactive so students stay interested and engaged. Subjects are covered such as how drugs affect the mind, how addiction begins and what keeps a person addicted and much more.

Prevent Drug Abuse Before It’s Too Late

A drug education program must be effective and it must be started early. Narconon reviews of failed drug education methods found that Òscare tacticsÓ don’t work. A realistic approach was necessary. These young people need simple, true information regarding the illicit drug itself and its physical and mental effects.

The Objective of Narconon Drug Education

In one study, students were asked to fill out questionnaires. A review of the answers was very enlightening. It showed that when students are given precise information, many young people decide to stop using drugs even when they have already begun illicit drug use. Those who have not yet started experimenting with drugs but have thought about it change their minds about trying drugs. Students already opposed to drug use confirm their decision never to start experimenting with drugs.

Narconon is committed to educating our youth so they do not fall into the trap of illicit drug use and very possibly serious addiction. The Narconon drug education program also explores the problems that underlie drug use. Based on the testimonials received, it is clear that effective drug education goes far in turning the tide drug abuse among the young.