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Drug Treatment

When searching for treatment at a drug rehab facility, an addict and his or her family want just one thing: a good result. They want the confidence that this trip to rehab will really do the trick, giving the addicted person an excellent chance at a new life without drugs.

For treatment that works, Narconon has no comparison. Treatment reviews show that when an addict needs to shed a destructive drug or alcohol habit, he must find a rehab program with a high success rate. Narconon has one of the highest in the industry – a 70% success rate at lasting recovery.

Much of this success is due to the fact that Narconon uses no addictive substitute drugs in the entire treatment program. Drug substitutes such as methadone and Suboxone are just as addictive as an addict’s drug of choice. When being treated with these substitute medications, the addicted person does not learn the skills needed to maintain a sober life. For that reason, substitute medications may increase the chance of relapse. This is NOT the way to leave all drugs behind.

Successful Withdrawal

Narconon provides a more tolerable and yet drugless withdrawal. This first step provides the beginning of each person’s new, drug-free life. Each recovering addict is carefully monitored and assisted by the trained staff. These trained staff members deliver innovative relaxation processes that ease the aches and pains of withdrawal. They also administer special reorientation exercises that are effective in helping the recovering person better relate to his new environment. Reviews by those who have gone through the withdrawal at Narconon often state how caring the staff were and how they treated the participant as an individual and made withdrawal as comfortable as possible.

Clearing Body and Mind with Effective Detoxification

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program approaches detox from a whole new angle. Most detox programs end as soon as a person gets through withdrawal. This detox program goes much farther. On this detoxification program, each person is given generous doses of nutritional supplements, spends time in a sauna and exercises moderately each day. This combination of factors enables to body to start discharging the drug residues left over from prior drug use. These residual poisons have been known to contribute to triggering drug cravings long after someone has stopped using drugs.

Reviews by those who have completed this step attest to the improvements each person experiences. Many people say their cravings are greatly reduced and some people even say they are gone. When a person can lose his or her cravings for more drugs, this frees them to focus on the life skills they need to preserve this new sobriety.

If a person does not have access to this resolution of cravings, he or she has two choices: take medications that smother the cravings but are themselves addictive, or struggle with the cravings day after day. The reduction or elimination of cravings is like the gift of freedom for the person in recovery.

Getting the Tools to Live a Drug-Free Life

Living life as an addict destroys many skills in dealing with people and situations. His communication skills suffer, he loses his self-respect and he associates with the wrong people. He ends up harming those close to him through his addicted lifestyle. When he finishes rehab and goes back home, he could have a difficult time without the knowledge and tools to maintain a sober life.

The last phase of Narconon treatment is a series of courses that provide an education in living a drug-free life. The objective is to enable the recovering addict to deal with situations successfully so he is not tempted to turn to drugs or alcohol. On the Narconon Life Skills Courses, the student learns how to communicate effectively, how to recover his self-respect and how to choose the right friends, among other skills. This is the path to lasting sobriety.

The Narconon program works because it addresses both the physical and mental aspects of addiction. Narconon reviews from from parents or recovered addicts make it clear that this is the addiction recovery program they hoped in their hearts they could find.