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Girl Sitting in SaunaThe following are a series of Narconon reviews written by clients who enrolled in the sauna program. The Narconon sauna, or New Life Detoxification Program is a drug-free sauna detox program that helps to eliminate drug toxins out of the body. This drastically reduces physical drug cravings and minimizes and even stop relapse. Those undergoing sauna treatment have also reported feeling brighter, less tired, happier and having an overall renewed feeling of well-being. Here are their testimonials:

Experiencing Changes in the Sauna

While I was in sauna I experienced a lot of different changes. Some days I was extremely tired. Other days I was sad, happy, depressed or had lack of energy. It was like an emotional rollercoaster ride. As time went on, I started to feel more alert, awake and have much more energy. I am sleeping through the night. My taste came back. I started thinking clearer. I haven’t felt like this in so many years. I’m back to being me again and it feels wonderful. My body has toned up. My eating habits are all back to normal. I feel great. JP

I’m Fortunate for the Narconon Sauna Program

I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to do and complete Phase 1 of the Narconon program. I feel better than I have ever felt because of the sauna program. Book 3 has provided me with incredibly valuable study skills I can use in all areas of my life. I can begin my new life today with confidence and an excitement for the future I have not felt in years. I feel wonderful! CM

I Feel More Comfortable Around Others

As I’m nearing the end of sauna, I am thinking, talking and looking so much better than when I arrived. I now really enjoy talked with and interacting with people. I’m so much more comfortable around people than I can remember being. JW

I’m Sleeping Better After the Sauna

Overall, the sauna program at Narconon has been a great success. I feel and I am sleeping better than I have in quite a few years. My spirituality and outlook on life is amazing. It is a feeling I believe was unattainable with drugs in my system. At the start of sauna I had mental and emotional changes that were caused by drugs coming out of my system. The emotional changes lessened day-by-day until they diminished. Now that I am drug-free, things seem clearer and I am much more aware of the things going on around me. I can’t stress enough how amazing it feels to be drug free and finally have a clear mind. BS

The Damages Have Faded Away

When I started sauna I wasn’t sure if I would ever be the same person that I was before all my drug use. Each passing week in sauna felt as if I was getting back to who I once was. I know now t hat all the damage I have done to myself will all fade away. GB

I Feel Physically Renewed

Sauna has been my favorite part of the program so far. I feel completely renewed physically. I’ve found myself awakening in the morning without the use of an alarm, feeling well-rested and enthusiastic about starting my day. This is amazing for me, given that I’ve never enjoyed waking up and getting out of bed as an adult. I feel confident that sauna has enabled me to flush my system of drugs and toxins because of my new-found awareness of my body’s needs. I feel as if my mind and body are re-connected in a sense. Overall, I’ve had an awesome experience and I am elated to have successfully cleansed myself entirely! RR

Feeling Invigorated & Rejuvenated

I had a terrific day today. I finished the long, painful process of removing all of the drugs and toxins that had accumulated in my body over the last couple of years. I feel invigorated and rejuvenated. I am ready to get help for all of my other problems. I also look much better according to all of the “older ladies” in the program. Hopefully my life will be better as a better-looking dude. AB