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sauna-detox-narcononThe Narconon sauna program is one of the main components of the treatment process. It resolves the physical aspect of substance abuse and why a person will relapse even after many attempts at treatment. This program, also called the New Life Detoxification Program uses sweating in a sauna, vitamins and minerals (a specific regimen), exercise and plenty of water to do this. There have been some critics of this program but usually the main outcome of the program is based on the results with those doing it. This is what Narconon sauna students had to say about the treatment:

After Sauna I’m Awake

Since being in sauna I have had numerous wins and gains. I never used to be able to wake up in the morning and when I did, it took me about an hour to “clear the cobwebs.” Now everyday I wake up right at the set time and I’m awake right then. My energy level is consistent now with no more ups and downs during the day and I’m clean, I mean my body is free of all the drugs and toxins that I put in it. I have an awesome view of the things to come in my life and feel great, really, really great every day. This sauna, for me, was really incredible and I just have such a better mental outlook on myself, my program and my future. I’m really excited! I’ve been working out four or five times a week and I want to keep on taking care of my body and myself.


I Cleaned out My Body

The sauna program has given me the opportunity to feel what my body felt like prior to my use of drugs and alcohol. Now that I have cleaned out my body I am completely ready to work on my mind. JC

Changes During the Sauna

I experienced several changes within myself during my time in sauna. When I came in I doubted everything about me. Now I am confident in my ability to make decisions and see things for what they really are. I know that if I stay drug free all my dreams will come true. I have had a few situations come up while in sauna and because I am thinking clearly I was able to come up with solutions and resolve the issues in a positive manner. My biggest win is that I’ve worked hard, did what was asked and was rewarded as a result. I am free of toxins and have a new outlook on life. Finally, I believe in myself! AE

I Can Think More Freely

I feel that sauna has purified my body and freed it of all toxins and chemicals that I inserted into it. I feel like I am quicker on my feet and able to think more freely. I can respond to different things much faster and more effectively. I also feel like I have a totally different outlook on life than when I started the program. I know that I have a purpose and it is not to do drugs and ruin my body. My memory has also amazingly been replenished with thoughts of good times. I am much happier than I have been in a long time. I no longer feel the craving that I once had hovering inside my head. I believe that I am ready for the next step and a life of success. TW

I Feel Content After Sauna Treatment

I was pretty trashed from decades of abuse when I arrived. Now that I’m near the end of sauna, I look and feel better than I have in years. I feel that I am content with the way I feel, so I won’t feel nearly as compelled to use drugs or alcohol to numb my discontent with how I feel. JS

My Body Feels Great

I am feeling very good from the sauna. When I first started some days ago, I had my concerns and questions about the program. Since then, my body feels great. My throat problem is gone, sore throat that is, and I am much more active and alert. I am glad I am sticking with the program. RR