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Man Sitting at ComputerDrug use and abuse is a sad fact of life in today’s world, and stories of drug addiction elicit various emotional responses that range from sympathy to anger or even horror.  Drug addiction can affect any one at any age, in any social or economic condition, regardless of their background or upbringing.  Drugs do not care about the individual, his dreams or those who love him, and work quickly to destroy lives and families.  While this is never welcomed or pleasant to see, it can be most distressing to see in a young individual, especially by his parents.

Saving a Life

Lyman and Linda’s son had been raised very lovingly and grew into a kind, Christian, fun-loving individual.  That is, until drugs entered his life when he was only twenty-two years old.  Everything that Lyman and Linda had come to know about their son disappeared and was replaced by the harsh reality of a methamphetamine addict.  Where he had once invested much time and effort into building his life and career, methamphetamine worked quickly to destroy his career, his relationships and his physical and mental health.

Ten years of drug addiction had trapped Lyman and Linda’s son in a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness.  Like many other addicts before him, he came to realize that his simple desire to stop using drugs couldn’t affect a change in the power of his addiction.  He was trapped and unable to see a way out.

Linda struggled with her on humiliation and embarrassment over her drug-addicted son, but she knew very well that something had to be done or her son may lose his life to drugs.  She began to search the internet for rehabilitation facilities with proven success rates.  To her everlasting relief, she found Narconon.

Narconon is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that does not use substitute medications to treat substance abuse problems.  With a seventy-percent success rate in restoring individuals to healthy, productive lives, Narconon was the exact solution that Linda was looking for.

As their son began the Narconon program, Lyman and Linda watched the methamphetamine addict fade away.  As soon as he completed the sauna detoxification portion of his program, they could tell that they were getting their “old” son back at long last.  He continued on his program and was able to figure out why he had turned to drug use in the first place, and how it was his own responsibility to make wise decisions in his life.  He learned how to live in the present instead of holding onto his past and any guilt, shame or embarrassment therein.  He also learned how to improve conditions in his life, how to choose personal associations that would benefit and help him, how to apply basic rules for living happily and much more.  In effect, he learned how to confront and take on his life, no matter what difficulties or challenges arose.

In watching their son move through the Narconon program, Lyman and Linda themselves realized that he had never deliberately chosen to be a drug addict or to lose his career, health and relationships.  He had simply made wrong choices that led to an overwhelming problem he could not solve on his own.  With the right help, support and encouragement, he was able to make the necessary changes in his life to once again live happily and healthily.

Lyman and Linda have no doubt that Narconon not only saved their son’s life, but it also lengthened his life, as well as their own.  They feel that his recovery from a decade-long battle against drugs is nothing short of miraculous because where once their child was lost, Narconon restored him to himself, and to his family.