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Man Tipping His HatNarconon and its drug rehabilitation program is singularly unique in many ways.  From its holistic and drug-free approach to handling addiction to its comprehensive Life Skills Courses which empower recovering addicts with tools they can use the remainder of their lives to study and learn, and to solve life problems and improve any less-than-optimum conditions.  And the fact that its centers are worldwide, helping people of different races, cultures and languages to reclaim their lives from addiction makes it an especially dynamic drug rehabilitation activity.

The Road Down

Maria got her life back through the Narconon Program at Narconon Denmark.  This is a sharing of her story, and her recovery from drug addiction.

At the age of 35 and the mother of two children, she reclaimed her life from addiction at the rehabilitation center, Narconon Denmark.  When she looks back over her life, she recalls being good in school, the best in her class at the age of 13.  It was when she moved to another school that her life took a big downturn, and she reached out to belong to a group of young people there who smoked hashish.

Her boyfriend at the time began dating one of her girlfriends, and her “already broken self-confidence” suffered even more.

She originally was pursuing her education, but abandoned that pursuit, unable to change the road she had started down.

Maria states, “The road to drugs was wide open.”  She smoked more hash, taking new drugs to “calm down” as life seemed too demanding and stressful.  “Before I noticed, I was addicted”, and to several drugs including heroin and amphetamine.

She spent 8 years heavily addicted, and 4 years as a junkie.  She wanted to quit, and fought a desperate and hopeless fight which did not succeed.  She put herself in a hospital for people with mental disorders.  Even though it was not a place geared towards dealing with addiction problems, Maria thought it was the only solution to her desperate desire not to die.

When she was finished there, she still was not free of drugs.  But she had heard of a rehab center near Jyderup, not knowing at the time it was called Narconon.  She felt she must see it, wanting desperately to be free from her addiction.

The Road Out

Once Maria arrived at Narconon Denmark, she states, “It didn’t take me many seconds to decide.”  She knew the center and its staff had something to offer her.

Six months after she had graduated from the Narconon program, Maria moved to Copenhangen to start work there as a Cleaning Assistant.  It was extremely important to her to have her own work and get back into society again; to get her own place to live and to prove to herself that she had truly left her old life behind her.

Maria noted, “There was one problem that followed me”, her study skills.  She did not find them good enough to achieve the goals she had set for herself.  She wanted more knowledge.

She found out that L. Ron Hubbard, the humanitarian from whose studies and research the Narconon Program was developed, had researched a technology of study which enabled an individual to study any subject.

Due to the fact that Maria had been helped by Narconon, she thought, “Why not try to do some more improvements?”

She relates that because of her logical thinking and the making of that decision many years ago, she is an Executive in the cleaning business, a very good and well paying job.  She says, “Who would believe that about a former addict?”

A Drug-Free Life

Maria relates that today, she has a really good relationship with her family; her children are in school and doing well.  She adds that everyone has forgiven her for the bad which happened during her years of drug abuse, noting that she was not the only one harmed by it.

She also says that had she not run into L. Ron Hubbard and his technology, she would not be here today to tell her story.

In closing, Maria said, “I got my life back, and thank you for that.  It is going to be used, and used good.”