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Fresh StartThe innate desire to help others is one of finest of qualities of human nature, closely linked to our ability to survive and enjoy the sharing of our lives with others.  When a person has fallen into the trap of drug addiction, it can take a nearly heroic effort on the part of all those who want to help the addict break-free, and once again return to living a life without drugs and the consequences of the addiction lifestyle.  But when those heroic efforts to help come to fruition, the quiet joy of truly helping another person reclaim their life from addiction is beyond compare.

Falling Into the Trap of Substance Abuse

This is a young man’s story, and out of respect for his privacy, we will identify him by his initials, R.D.  It is a story of his descent into drug addiction, and how he got his life back through the Narconon drug rehabilitation program.  This is his story.

R.D. was raised in middle class family where he had everything that he needed or wanted.  He considered himself fortunate, enjoying lots of life’s pleasures and experiencing life with little worry.

He served in the Marine Corps and went to college to get his education.  In his words, “I had self-respect, discipline, responsibility.”  He was honest with people, and helped others when he could.

It was while he was working part-time and attending college that he got involved in drugs and the cycle of addiction.  He dropped out of college.  He began moving from city to city, thinking a “change of scenery” would help him, only to fall back into the same pitfalls harder and faster.

R.D. got involved in drug programs trying to get clean and sober, with little or no success.  He continued to look for a reason as to why he was using drugs rather than taking responsibility for it.  He was caught-up in a pattern of getting fired from jobs, ruining relationships with people he loved, and lying and cheating and stealing just to get high.

His respect for himself was gone, living homeless in shelters or sleeping outside, begging on the streets for money.  He began using many different drugs, digging himself in deeper into the cycle of addiction.  He cared not of the consequences.  In his words, “I became everything I didn’t want to be.”

Getting my Life Back Through Narconon Treatment

R.D.’s family found Narconon, and told him about the Narconon program.  He was skeptical, thinking it was just another rehab and he would go through the same motions and perhaps achieve some clean time at the end of it.

But the Narconon New-Life Detoxification Program interested him.  He had experienced trying to quit using drugs, but quickly found himself using again following physical activity.  So it made sense to him that drug residuals and toxins were stored in the body, and reactivated when he sweated.  He decided it wouldn’t hurt him to go to Narconon, and try.

R.D. relates that when he arrived at Narconon, “I was emotionally, mentally and physically broke.”  He got through withdrawal without getting sick, and as he made his way through the program, he was able to start communicating with people again, and be comfortable around them.

On the New-Life Detoxification Program, his joints quit hurting.  He was able to sleep again.  He was active again, and could concentrate without fidgeting.  He knew he had finally cleaned his body of all the toxins, drugs and chemicals he had exposed himself to.

He now addressed the mental side of his addiction, learning how to study again and to retain what he learned so he could use it in his life.  He also realized who he really was–and it was not the person he was while using drugs and alcohol.  He re-established his own personal values, and began living by them once again.

In his own words, R.D. states, “The Narconon Program helped me get back what I hoped was still there.”  It was, and R.D. got it back.