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Walking through FlowersThe goal of any rehabilitation treatment facility should be to restore the individual to a healthy, productive life.  This is not a temporary proposition, but rather a long-term goal.  Honestly speaking, an individual who has been truly rehabilitated in the fullest sense of the word should have no desire or use for drugs or alcohol at any future point.  If this is the goal, it is then necessary to work out how exactly it can be achieved.

Narconon Life Skills Courses

It is obvious that an individual who is addicted to drugs or alcohol must stop their use of these substances in order to recover from their effects.  Their body must also be detoxed of any residual chemicals and toxins to help ensure that they don’t have future cravings and relapses.  With these immediate concerns resolved, one must look to how substance abuse began in the first place and how it can be prevented from recurring in the future.

Substance abuse normally begins when the individual encounters a problem in life for which they cannot see a ready solution.  Since drugs are known to numb unwanted sensations and heighten pleasurable sensations they seem like a good way to hide or suppress the problem.  An individual who is fully rehabilitated from substance abuse therefore needs tools they can use in their future to address and resolve life problems instead of hiding them with drugs.

The Narconon rehabilitation program includes a series of life skills courses designed to help an individual learn how to handle the stress and problems of life and be successful and happy in life.  These life skills courses are:

– Changing Conditions in Life

While an individual may be aware that they can encounter different conditions in life, both good and bad varieties, they may not be aware of their power to change and improve conditions in their life.  This course teaches individuals exactly how to do this.

– Communication Course

Many problems in life can be resolved with good communication, but few individuals lack the skill to really carry on a good communication with someone else.  This course drills the student in the basics of good communication so that they can use communication to improve their life and relationships and resolve difficulties that can sometimes arise.

– Ups and Downs in Life

Some may wonder how they can be moving along in life, doing well, and suddenly seem to hit a rut and do quite poorly.  They may not realize that individuals around them can influence them in good or bad ways, affecting their choices and happiness in life.  This course helps the individual learn how to spot helpful and unhelpful persons in their life so that they can remain away from the latter.

– Personal Values and Integrity

Substance abusers very often lack the basics of solid personal values and integrity.  This course helps restore these key characteristics so that the individual can confidently move forward and make the decisions that will help them succeed in life.

– The Way to Happiness

As a non-religious moral code, The Way to Happiness provides a clear set of rules that an individual can live by in order to lead a happy life.

The individual who has completed the Narconon Life Skills Courses has a great ability to handle the types of life problems that caused them to turn to drug use in the first place, which helps to safeguard them against future drug use.

Changing Lives Through Effective Rehab

ML enrolled in the Narconon program for help with substance abuse.  What she found there was the key to a healthy, happy life, something she had lost hope of ever having again.  The life skills enabled her to confront any situation that life throws at her.  She communicates better with others and is truly happy.  She feels that she now has the chance to be the daughter, sister, granddaughter and aunt she has always wanted to be.

SH was literally at death’s door when he enrolled in the Narconon program.  The program and life skills courses restored him to a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual peacefulness he hadn’t had for thirty-seven years.  He knows that the life skills he learned at Narconon will open doors to a future of happiness and success such as he had never dreamed possible.

Both these individuals were able to address and resolve their problems with substance abuse.  More importantly, they were able to change their lives so that their futures are bright and promising.