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saunaThe Narconon Sauna, the New-Life Detoxification Program component of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program, is unique in the field of drug rehabilitation treatment.  Based on the research and work of humanitarian and researcher, L. Ron Hubbard, it is a vital part of helping addicts get-off and stay off drugs.

Sauna Detox

Detox is the short form of the word, detoxification.  It is defined as the action of removing a poison or a poisonous effect from something, such as from one’s body.

Toxic is the word used to describe drugs or chemicals or any such substance shown to be harmful or poisonous to a living organism.  The word is derived from the Greek word, toxikon, a poison in which the Greeks dipped their arrows.

Our current environment has become permeated with drugs, pollutants, chemicals, food preservatives, and radioactive wastes, all of which are hostile to life.  And research has shown that in our current culture, the single most destructive element is drugs.

Drugs and drug use are a problem planet-wide.  The problem includes illicit street drugs, medical and psychiatric drugs, all of which are potentially life-hostile and with consequences to the health and well-being of those using them.

The sauna program is used to assist in ridding the body of the accumulated drug and toxic residues which tend to lodge in the tissues of the body, while also helping to rebuild impaired tissues and cells.

It is the detoxification of the drugs and other life-hostile substances which the Narconon Sauna accomplishes, resulting in a myriad of benefits not limited to an overall resurgence in physical well-being.

The Benefits

The New-Life Detoxification Program, or Narconon Sauna, is an often life-changing component of the full Narconon program.  Detoxification of the person’s body is achieved with a carefully supervised, precise regiment of good nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements, exercise, and time spent sweating in a moderate heat dry sauna.

The following benefits are those experienced by some of the graduates (Narconon Program completions) from doing the Narconon New-Life Detoxification Program, or Narconon Sauna.


One young man reported his experience in the sauna to be “unexpectedly pretty good!” while noting that his body had been “pretty torn-up” by what he had done to it.  He explained that he had been in the hospital for 28 days, 14 of which he had spent on life support, due to liver failure.  He said that after sauna, “ I just felt rejuvenated.”

Another young man shared his experience, noting that the sauna detox is “a program you go through”, requiring you to take a lot of vitamins, “and it really does rejuvenate your body.”

Improved Well-being

One woman related her experience as a result of doing the Narconon Sauna Program, saying

when initially going into she definitely had her doubts, but then saw for herself that the drug residues and toxins “can be restimulated [reactivated], can be sweated out”.  When she completed the sauna program, she said, “I felt like I hadn’t felt in a long time.”

After completing the sauna detox program, one young man said he was “out being physical and active”  which was something he hadn’t done in months—if not years.

Yet another reported he “felt like I had never touched drugs in my life.

So I knew, I knew this program works!”

Restoration of Self

A young lady, when asked about her experiences as a result of having done the Narconon Sauna said, “Through the sauna, I really felt like I started to like myself again.”  She finished by saying,

“I have a life!   I like it!”

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