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The individual who desires to be rid of their drug addiction does not desire temporary relief or sobriety, but rather a permanent solution to the problem that has controlled their life for far too long.  Fighting for and maintaining one’s sobriety from drugs after years of addiction is no small feat, and most definitely something to be celebrated.  Finding an effective rehabilitation solution that allows one to not only restore a normal, sober state, but also an ability to reach for their goals, can be nothing short of miraculous.

About Narconon Arrowhead

The Narconon Arrowhead program realizes that while withdrawing and detoxing from drugs is an important step on the path to rehabilitation, the individual cannot be assured of lasting sobriety without uncovering and resolving the problems that led to their drug use in the first place.  After all, drug use normally begins when an individual is confronted by some challenge or difficulty in their life that they feel they cannot face or resolve.  When the individual is encouraged to take responsibility for their decisions and actions, and is given the necessary tools to confront and resolve future challenges in life, they are free from the danger of suffering the same conditions that led to their drug use in the past.  Such an individual may find that drugs no longer have any appeal to them, since they are armed with the tools they need to resolve problems and therefore do not need to suppress or hide them.

A Narconon graduate is normally quite confident that they are fully prepared for their return to society and an entirely sober future.  It is not uncommon for Narconon graduates to celebrate years or even decades of sobriety.  Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma recently released a story of one former patient who has celebrated ten years of sobriety.

10 Years Sober

By the time Kelly arrived at Narconon Arrowhead in 2002, she had been trapped in addiction for so long that she had long since lost hope for ever living a sober life.  Despite spending more nights in jail than she could count and attending multiple rehabilitation programs, Kelly had been unable to fully address and resolve her problem with drugs.  Kelly’s family also felt a sense of hopelessness and helplessness, and enrolled her in the Narconon program as a last effort to save her life.  Kelly is happy to say that her life has never been the same since.

The Narconon program was vastly different from any other rehabilitation program Kelly had previously experienced.  For the first time, Kelly was presented with a unique and workable perspective on the problem of substance abuse, and it made more sense to her than any other explanation she had previously heard at other treatment facilities.  The Narconon program helped Kelly restore her faith and confidence in herself, whereas other programs had often made her feel embarrassed and guilty about her problems with drug abuse.

As Kelly progressed through her Narconon program she started to look at herself differently.  Where once she felt that she was a worthless drug addict, she soon realized that she was truly a good individual and she deserved to experience a loving, happy life.  She began to restore her broken relationships with family members, and earned back their trust through hard work and good communication.

Kelly gained many valuable life skills at Narconon Arrowhead, and she continues to use them every day over ten years after her graduation.  She has never once even considered returning to drug use, and is happy to be a valuable, contributing member of society.  Kelly is just one of the many thousands of lives she feels that Narconon has helped to save, and she is very grateful.