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fresh startThe words “drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment facility” may conjure up a very vague and general image in most individuals’ minds: a place someone can go to stop taking drugs, get away from their normal life and any stresses or problems it presents and get group or individual counseling as needed in order to be better prepared for a sober future.

Some rehabilitation treatment facilities move away from this well-beaten path, and often experience great success with their patients as a result of a more individualized and thorough address of the causes and effects of substance abuse.  Narconon Fresh Start is just such a facility, and it provides a unique and holistic program that allows the individual to confront and fully resolve the many reasons for their substance abuse as well as gain the tools they need to live a healthy, happy future free from drugs.

Narconon Fresh Start Graduate Successes

Achieving sobriety and restoring one’s self-respect, self-confidence and the ability to grab life by the horns is something to be celebrated.  Narconon Fresh Start graduates celebrate their success and encourage others to reach for their own success, by speaking of their journey to sobriety at regular graduation ceremonies.  Not only is this a way for the graduate to communicate their experiences, their happiness and their hope for the future, it is also a way to encourage other students who may be struggling through difficult portions of their own programs.  Following are excerpts from four recent Narconon Fresh Start graduates.

Trent states that the Narconon rehabilitation program was a really difficult program for him to get through because there were a lot of things that he had to confront as regards his personal choices that led to substance abuse.  Trent says that he believes that the Narconon program is highly beneficial because it makes the individual journey through many difficult things, but in so doing it causes him to realize that he is able to make it through challenges without drugs.  He discovered for himself that he doesn’t need drugs anymore in his life.  During his graduation speech Trent found himself at a loss for words to describe how wonderful he feels now, and how grateful he is that the Narconon program was able to help him so enormously.

Max describes how mad he was when he first arrived at Narconon Fresh Start.  He had not wanted to be there at all, and fought against being there every day for the first few weeks of his program.  Despite this, Max was able to move through the program and complete it for his own benefit, health and happiness.  He is grateful to all of the Narconon staff for persisting to help him even when he made it difficult.  Max is also thankful that the other students were always friendly and nice, it seemed unique to find that in a rehabilitation facility.  He is now anxious to get back to his life and apply all of the tools he learned at Narconon, just as he was able to regain his relationship with his family through the life skills he learned on the program.

Zach says that he came to Narconon Fresh Start willingly in order to get away from the legal problems that had been caused by his substance abuse.  The Narconon program didn’t allow him to escape from his problems; in fact Zach found that part of the program caused him to confront and resolve his problems before continuing.  Zach says it is scary to think of where he would be now if he’d kept on using drugs and hadn’t gotten help.  He is grateful to all the students and staff who helped him move through the program, as it is very rewarding now to have completed it and be happy to be alive, guilt-free and stress-free.  Zach was so moved by the effectiveness of the Narconon program that he decided to stay on at Narconon Fresh Start, training to be a staff member himself so that he can work to help others gain the abilities he himself is now grateful to have.

Matt describes his graduation from the Narconon program as the first time that he has completed something positive in his life.  Matt feels that the Narconon program reminded him about a lot of good information that he had forgotten while he was using drugs.  It also taught him a lot of new information that he can use to live life in a new, better way.  Matt encourages all current Narconon students to stick to their programs, do each step correctly and finish because it will help them become a better person and lead a better life.

These are just a few of the many successes that Narconon graduates have shared at the completion of their program, proving that effective rehabilitation treatment can cause dramatic improvements in someone’s life.