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brothersThe following is a story from a sister whose brother’s life was saved from addiction after treatment through the Narconon program.

My brother had many accidents on the job, was stabbed once and ended up with many surgeries. He got addicted to painkillers. He was literally taking up to 30 a day. He, of course advanced to heroin. His girlfriend at the time (Joanne who is now his wife) followed his lead. They also had a 2-year-old son.

My brother used to be a boxer and had water on the brain, so doing all of these drugs like heroin and painkillers was causing him to have seizures. We hadn’t seen my brother for months and he came to my birthday party. He was skinny and looked terrible. He just kept telling us he wasn’t on drugs, of course and had cancer.

But, he was also taking about 15 pills with the heroin and definitely over doing it. My sister called and asked about Narconon she had heard me talk about. She said what if he died and we did nothing. So, we decided to have an “intervention”.

The Intervention

Had my mom come over, my sister and myself. Was quite a feat to get Jim over but, we succeeded. My brother J., was very “right” and super negative and saying the things that drug users usually say like, “nobody understands me.” So, we got an intervention specialist on the phone. He was amazing. He told us exactly what to do. It worked like a charm. Basically got my mom to say some things to pop him out of it.

Jim wouldn’t talk to the interventionist at first, so he had my mom basically call J. a wimp (my brother has always been ‘Mr. Tough Guy’ in the past). It was so funny hearing my mom talk that way as she never has. My brother J. finally said, “I’m not a wimp… give me that phone.

Enrolling in Narconon

Literally, the interventions it was our angel, superman within 20 minutes. He had pulled out of J. he was on heroin (we thought it was just pills) and also found out Joanne was on it, too. Later we went to their house to clean and there was literally needles everywhere.  Long story short, the interventionist got them to Narconon… Joanne’s sister had a daycare and we decided he could stay with her. This was 1992.

J. had hepatitis A, B and C. And the Narconon sauna program saved his life. He no longer had seizures, though in current time he has to keep his Hep C under control. I took their son to see J. and his wife after they finished treatment, he didn’t even recognize J. It was a tearjerker. My brother felt so responsible for what he created with his friends and family, that he got about 4-5 of his friends there and stayed after treatment for about 8 months. So did his wife and they got their son back too. The Doctor told him because of the seizures he had 2 months to live as the water was so toxic from the drugs before his arrival at Narconon. But, he was no longer terminal after the sauna treatment.

S.R. – Narconon sister