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mother and sonPam is just one of countless mothers who have had to watch helplessly as drug addiction robbed her son of his happy, healthy life and replaced it with a nightmare that she was likewise swallowed in.  Luckily, she didn’t give up hope, and found a solution in the Narconon program.

From Nightmare to Rehabilitation

Pam’s son Ben began abusing drugs when he was only thirteen years old.  Over the years, Ben’s addiction had caused her to go through many painful experiences she had never imagined she would go through with her child.  Ben was often in the emergency room or in jail, and had participated in several rehabilitation treatment programs without achieving any lasting success.  Pam knew instinctively that her son’s core issues behind his problems with substance abuse had never been addressed or resolved, and that he had no hope of sobriety without this occurring.  It was most difficult because Pam would often not see Ben for lengths of time when things got particularly bad, and her every waking thought revolved around never knowing when the next drug hit may be the last drug hit.

Eventually Ben’s problems with substance abuse became life-threatening and he had effectively destroyed his family through worry and concern. His sister found out about a program that seemed unique, and worked to address all of the physical and mental causes and effects of substance abuse.  The program was Narconon.  Ben’s sister called Ben and got him to agree to enroll in the Narconon program, but unfortunately he passed out before he could tell her where he was.

Pam went searching for her son by demanding answers from his friends.  She ended up breaking into the house where he was staying, and found Ben gaunt, grey and dangerously underweight.  It took Pam twenty minutes to rouse him from a drug-induced sleep, and she took him directly from the house to a hotel room near the airport.  She knew that she had to stay with him until he got on the plane for Narconon or he would likely change his mind and disappear – maybe forever.  That one night was the longest and most horrible of Pam’s entire life.  Ben was shaking and violently hiccupping as he talked endlessly and aimlessly about his life on the street and the personal hell that he was living in.  It was only through the help of Narconon staff, whom Pam spoke with over the phone, that they both made it through that long, sleepless night, Pam praying endlessly that Narconon was the answer to her son’s problems.

On the way to the airport, Pam and Ben made one last stop and as he looked through his bag, a crack pipe fell to the ground.  Pam finally broke down in silent sobs, and continued to cry as they drove to the airport.  Once they arrived, Ben’s physical and mental condition was so severe that the ticket agent called the Air Marshal to the ticket counter.  Pam couldn’t afford to send anyone with Ben on the flight, so she used the last strength and courage she could summon to convince the Air Marshal that Ben had to get onto the flight to the Narconon facility or he would surely die.  Pam had no doubt that this would happen, and managed to convince the Air Marshal as well.

It was Ben’s own courage and determination that got him through the Narconon rehabilitation treatment program.  When he first returned home, he described to his mother all of the phases of his treatment program, thoroughly telling her about the difficult but cleansing journey toward finding himself again.  Pam is still amazed at the courage he had to summon in order to confront his own responsibility for the situation in which he had found himself.

Ben has now graduated from the Narconon program and has just recently celebrated his twenty-sixth birthday and his first anniversary of being entirely alcohol and drug free.  It is the first time in more than a decade that Pam remembers actually celebrating Ben’s birthday without fear, apprehension or worry about his drug addiction.  Ben is functioning well in life, is happy, healthy and once again himself.

Pam finds it difficult to express her gratitude to the group and the program that has allowed her to regain her wonderful son.  She is certain that the Narconon program helped Ben to save himself, and return him to his family.