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happy personKayla grew up in a very happy, loving home and was never in want of anything.  She always looked up to her parents, and had wonderful relationships with her two sisters.  She excelled in school, participated in sports teams and was generally a happy, healthy child.  Unfortunately, drugs changed all this when Kayla was in high school.

One of Kayla’s friends introduced her to marijuana, and she began to smoke it during social occasions with “friends”.  At the time, Kayla didn’t realize that these individuals were not truly her friends, but simply other substance abusers who were willing to use her to achieve their own drug highs.  They made her feel comfortable and normal, like she fit in.

When Kayla was sixteen years old she dated someone who introduced her to methamphetamine.  Kayla used it once and was completely hooked, addicted to a powerful substance that would steadily drain the life from her.  She began to socialize with an even rougher crowd, individuals who not only used high doses of meth but also dealt it to others.  Kayla’s physical health quickly deteriorated, she began to lose weight and couldn’t sleep.  Still, it wasn’t enough to make Kayla realize what she was doing to herself or that she needed to stop using drugs.  She simply began to hide her drug use and the physical toll it was taking on her body.  She even wore heavy, baggy clothes to disguise how thin she had become.

When Kayla turned twenty-one her meth use got even worse.  She met a drug dealer, and became exposed to large quantities of meth and other drugs.  She was so entirely addicted to meth that seeing large quantities of it excited her, and she began to date the dealer.  With so much meth so close to hand, Kayla’s addiction erupted to dangerous levels.  She was smoking an alarming ounce of meth a day.  Her body became tolerant of the high doses, and she no longer experienced any euphoric highs.  She was even able to eat and sleep relatively normally, despite the high doses, because her body had become used to it.

In the summer of 2010, Kayla and her dealer-boyfriend were busted by the Drug Enforcement Administration while making a drug delivery.  Even though Kayla wasn’t the prime dealer, she was charged with conspiracy to traffic, possession with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm alongside her boyfriend.  Kayla spent time in jail, but could not stop her meth use and continuously failed drug tests administered by the state.  She was given an ultimatum – she could either get treatment and become clean or she could spend her life in prison.  Luckily, Kayla’s family found Narconon.

How Narconon Changed Kayla’s Life

At Narconon, Kayla withdrew from methamphetamine with the help of supportive, caring staff, physical assists and a vitamin regimen.  In the sauna detoxification program, her body was cleansed of all residual drug toxins and for the first time in many years she experienced relief from drug cravings.  When Kayla completed the sauna detoxification program she felt like a kid again – her body had been so hurt by meth that she had forgotten what it felt like to be healthy and happy.  She no longer had any interest in taking drugs, and didn’t even think about them anymore.

As Kayla progressed into the Narconon life skills courses, she finally understood why she had started to use drugs.  She was able to take responsibility for her past choices and actions, and learned how she could move forward with a positive outlook on life.  She gained the tools she needed to study, communicate with others and achieve her goals.  She learned how dangerous personalities can cause her trouble, and knows how to recognize these people in her life so she can stay away from them.  She is no longer troubled by her past drug use, and is excited and interested in her future.

When Kayla completed her Narconon program, she realized she had to face her legal difficulties. She used what she had learned at Narconon to work with the courts and her attorney and happily watched as her difficulties just seemed to melt away.  She had noticeably improved her life and instead of being sentenced to ten or fifteen years in prison, Kayla was given the opportunity to work at Narconon to help other substance abusers achieve sobriety.

Finding Hope in Recovery

Kayla says that her story proves that there is always hope for achieving sobriety from drugs.  Her life went from happy and normal, to completely upside-down because of drug use.  Her future looked bleak and limited, and all that changed with the help of Narconon’s rehabilitation program.  Kayla is not only the happiest and healthiest she has even been, but she is also helping others achieve the same state.

Narconon can prove that there are individuals who care about helping others get better, and they have the technology to do so.  All it takes is reaching out for that help.